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Friday, July 27, 2012

Your Dream is your First Step

Ever wondered what kick started some of the biggest accomplishments in history? It has always been a burning desire in some crazy person's brain - something that we also term as a "Dream".

"Dreams are the seedlings of reality" said Napoleon Hill, the best selling author of "Think and Grow Rich". It is through the dreams that your thought process starts. Your thoughts creates your actions. Your actions create your destiny.

Lot of people come and ask me what is the first step to being financially independent, whether it is creating a Financial Freedom plan, or it is investing in real estate and stocks or it is something else that they are not aware of. I have a very simple answer for this question. The first step to anything worthwhile in life, including Financial Freedom, is a strong, solid Dream. If you dream day and night of achieving or doing something in life which a normal human being does not even think of and if you are having the right intent, then you are very close to the first step.

Why do i say that Dream is the first step towards achieving worthwhile goals in life? Because when you start on your journey towards your goal, there are very high chances that you will face tough situations, you will face conditions wherein you would feel that you should quit rather than pursuing that specific goal. These situations are very likely to come, in fact they are almost guaranteed to come. When such situations come, what will hold you on to your goal, what will hold you from quitting your goal and leading a "normal" life. It is only your Dream, provided you had made it strong and solid and given it enough power that it can hold you on in such testing times.

What do i mean by making a strong and solid Dream? The whole purpose of calling a Dream as strong and solid and not calling it just a Dream is to distinguish a Dream from a "Wish". All of us have wishes which will always stay as wishes till they are converted into strong and solid Dreams and then planned and executed well. How do you make a Dream strong and solid? You do it by thinking about it often enough, documenting it, picturing it,  and then having the faith in yourself that it is truly achievable within this lifetime.

Just the thought of Financial Freedom may not motivate you enough or may not be considered as a Dream. It may still be a wish. In fact, most of the people i talk to wish to be financially free but unfortunately a wish does not yield anything.  Dream is something that burns inside you..it could be your dream to help needy, it could be your dream to plant trees, it could also be your dream to teach underprivileged children, to be a great orator or simply to be an expert guitar player..something that you are passionate about, something that gives you true happiness. You will need to spend enough time finding what your dream truly is. Once you have found that, then Financial Freedom is just a means or a milestone on the way to your dream.

Eight years back, a single thought from someone motivated me enough to start pursuing my dreams in life and on the way, achieve financial freedom as well.
Here it goes "When the dream is big enough, facts don't count !!"

The fact may be that you are not earning enough, the fact may be that you do not have time, the fact may be anything but if you have a strong and solid dream (big enough), rest everything does not count. You will always find a way out. So dream..dream..dream... Find your dream and make it strong enough that everything else looks small and achievable easily.

Once you have found your dream and made it strong enough, i would stay you have done the first step towards financial freedom. How much time does it take? I dont know.. It can happen in 1 minute or it may take a lifetime. It may not even happen in your lifetime, as is the case with more than 95% people around you. Lets see if you can complete the first step.

Happy Dreaming

Cheers !!

Manoj Arora

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Twitter : @manoj_216
Blog : http://ratrace2freedom.blogspot.in/

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