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Monday, July 16, 2012

1-2-3 Goals-Plan-Execute

One of the rudimentary laws that we were taught in IT industry while managing projects is as simple as "Plan your work and Work your Plan". While many of us successfully implement it in our projects and professional career, most of us fail to do the same with our own lives.

A study reveals that more than 85% of people fail to plan their lives or fail to have any set of achievable and documented goals with a set target date. Out of the remaining minority, only 2% of them understand the true power that goals possess and hence almost 98% of us do not have the persistence to stick to them when the going gets tough and the goals "seem" to be "unachievable" at some stage or the other.

When a space shuttle is launched, 85% of the rocket fuel is consumed to cover just 10% of the target height... and the rest 15% of the fuel takes it through to the destination and back. This directly relates to the power that a goal possesses. Those who understand the immense power of goals and persist with them in spite of all obstacles do have the pleasure of seeing the results of goals being met.

The good news..

It is never too late..

Lets go step by step:

Step 1 : Write Down Your Life Goals

First step is to have your "life goals" ready with you..written down. It could be in the form of 100 things you want to do before you die, or your dream diary or ameticulous plan or in any other form or shape....but just make sure that you do not lead a goalless life being driven by the circumstances, rather than driving them. This step takes the maximum time, and is also the most ignored.
If you have seen a multi storey building being constructed, you would have observed that the fundation takes forever to build while the remaning structure just comes up from nowhere...
Give the required time to build this strong foundation to write down your goals. They will direct your further actions. Dont be in a hurry.

Step 2 : Make a Plan
Having got a goal, you got to break up the goal into smaller achievable doable chunks of work. The plan will help you find out whether you are lagging behind or whether you need a course correction or not. Without a trackable plan, it is more than likely that you will miss your goal. The reason is simple. Every plan is based on certain assumptions, and life has a habit of surprising you more often than not. Things do not always go as per the assumptions. At that stage, your trackable plan can tell you what course correction is needed, where it is needed and in what quantum it is needed.
Prepare this plan in excel, your diary, online or wherever you wish to. Just ensure it is a written plan and not a mental one.

Step 3 : Execute the Plan
The third step, which also happens to be the easiest of them all, is to go and execute to the plan. Take daily action. Get focussed, disciplined, committed to your plan. Execute it. Do course corrections if needed. Stay on track.

Whenever you fall behind, which you surely will, learn from the situation, improve your plan and come back with even more determinationa and vigour. 

All our books (Our Official Website) will show you exactly this ..how to dream, how to set goals and then how to go and execute them. If your dream is strong enough, facts do not count !! If you have the right intent, God will always show you the way and you will know how to achieve your goals. You will realize the immense power hidden in your goals.. when you persist with them !!

Go...plan your life...no one knows whether we will get another chance to achieve something of significance !!


Manoj Arora
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