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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

RR2FF - The book : Breaking Records to break people FREE

With all humility, i write this post....
This post is not about the records that this book has been breaking...
This post is also not to say that i have done a great job. 

This post is to let you know that there is a hidden desire for "freedom" in each one of us, and it seems to be slowly coming out in the open. While some are still "thinking", a few of you are coming out of your shell and seeking freedom of time and money in your lives....Read on...

Book Popularity Rank
The RR2FF Book stormed into "Top 20 Finance Books in India" last week. Currently, it is ranked # 13 and touched its best ever rating at # 10 yesterday. 
This ranking is by popularity and is out of 2,238 available books on Finance. 

This is, by no means, a mean achievement, for the fact that this Top 20 includes some of the international bestseller titles like "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill

Freedom Blog Hits break all records
From a decent average of 150 - 200 hits per day just 3 months back, the Freedom blog has been showing an upward trend for the last couple of months and yesterday, the blog touched 1,000+ hits on a single day for the first time ever. Subscribe to the blog by email and make sure you do not miss out on weekly posts to sharpen your financial saw.

Audios are creating their own space
The recent introduction of downloadable audios on the Freedom Portal, where i speak on various aspects of Financial Freedom, is creating its own space with the audience. Not only that, people are utilizing their commuting time more effectively. I am getting emails and calls from around the globe seeking freedom after having heard me making a point in the audio, which struck a chord with them. 

Regular inflow of Enrolled Freedom Seekers
Since the book launch, we have been adding 2-3 freedom seekers every day to our Freedom Portal. These are the people who are making an attempt to break the shackles of this slavery, waking up and seeking freedom by taking professional advise and consultation from me, based on my experience in this journey.
And, remember that there are no charges, no fees, no constraints to do this. Some people even ask me that why am i doing this for free? So, here is what you ought to know. I am not doing this for no reason. 
By helping many of you break free, i am moving forward in the mission of my life.

Freedom is precious
From General Managers of Fortune 500 companies, to Directors and CEOs from across the globe, to students, to trainees, and people from all walks of life - each one of them have their own story to share. There is an endless list of people who seek freedom, which makes me cement my faith in the fact that "freedom" is precious, much more precious than money itself. Because "Freedom" is time - your most important asset in life.

I am in the process of freeing up hundreds of financial slaves. I could free thousands more, only if they knew they were slaves.

So, c'mon, share your story, get started on your financial freedom journey - i can tell you that this is likely to turn out to be the most crucial and the most rewarding journey of your life.

Write to me at help@ratrace2freedom.com, and i will be happy to help.


Manoj Arora
Lead a Financially Free Life !!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dare to Dream (Downloadable Audio)

Continuing with my commitment to provide high quality downloadable audios, the second one in this series is about the power within you, to dream, to achieve anything that you can think of...that you can dream of, that you can believe in...

Dreams are the fuel that sustain you through tough times. Dreams are the converters which can convert the negativity around you to a positive empowering energy for you. Dreams are the only differentiators which separate hard workers from successful hard workers.

So go on, listen to this audio (Audio # RR2FF_002_Dare to Dream), and get drenched in this 18 min saga of dreams and their importance in life, and how they can change your life.

To have a look at all available audios and download other audios, click here.

Have fun


Manoj Arora
Lead a Financially Free Life !!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Amazon, Flipkart, URead run out of stock !! , Amazing Reviews for RR2FF Book

The book (RR2FF) is selling like hot cakes... amazing feedback....hundreds of registered users...so many that i am counseling.......and the sales is just a number.

Talking about numbers, Amazon, Flipkart, URead have run out of stock !! It may not be good news for the readers who want to buy the book but it is a wonderful one for the author, when a book runs out of stock at the largest retailer in the world (Amazon) and also the largest retailer (arguably) in India (Flipkart) !! 
While i am working with the publisher to get this sorted out asap (Flipkart and URead is supposed to be supplied more books by the time you get to read this post) , here is the snapshot of the Amazon site that i captured today morning 
I have been hearing some rave review comments from all corners of the globe. The book (along with my own one-one coaching to freedom seekers) is making a difference to the life of people around me, and this is the ultimate satisfaction that one can get. 
Making a positive impact on someone's life = awesome feeling !!
Off late, Flipkart has an average review rating of 4.7 out of 5 ( 7 out of 10 raters have given it 5 stars) 

There are 50+ comments lying on my Freedom Portal which the readers have left after reading the book. 
The Freedom blog touched 750 hits on a single day (yesterday) for the first time ever (up from 150 hits per day before the book launch) and it has been just 2.5 months into the launch.
The word of mouth is catching up. 
Make sure you do not miss out on this opportunity to plan your financial life.


Manoj Arora
Lead a Financially Free Life !!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Clubbing of Income(spouse, children, parents) in India under Income Tax Act

Most savings instruments allow investment in the name of spouse, children or parents, but with some restrictions. It is common to open a fixed deposit or buy life insurance in the name of spouse or minor children. One can even open a Public Provident Fund (PPF) account or buy stocks in the name of spouse or children. But, beware of the clubbing of income clause...Read on...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What is Form 26AS

What is Form 26AS?
It is a form wherein all tax related (TDS, TCS, Refund etc..) information in relation to a PAN is published by the government of India. Remember that all information is mapped via the unique PAN Number of the individual / HUF or the organization. This is one sure shot way to know how much of your tax has been received by the government and is consolidated from multiple sources like your salary / pension / interest income etc..

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Utilize your commuting time : First downloadable Audio File from RR2FF

Great successful leaders have an enormous respect for time. They have an uncanny sense of productively utilizing every minute in hand. If we are looking for success in our own areas of life, this is one area where most of us are very likely to have some scope of improvement. One aspect of life which is grossly underutilized is the commuting time to your office and back home. It could also be waiting time in your car while you wait for someone to come along.

So, i thought to start offering you some useful audio downloadable mp3 files on my Freedom Portal. You can download them to your favorite MP3 player or iPod or mobile phone and then play them along while you drive. This will help you to understand more about Financial Freedom concepts, understand about wealth, money and the key principles that enable wealth making.

This is the first audio upload !!
I plan to add 1-2 such uploads every month. You can find the file on the Freedom Portal at the below shown location:

This first one (AUD_0001) is an audio upload of one of the recent seminars i had with a group of 70 corporate professionals. This 55 minute audio file involving interactive conversation with these professionals would cover the following:
1. Is Wealth Important?
2. Difference between Rich and Wealthy
3. Who becomes Wealthy?
4. What is Financial Freedom?
5. Your Dreams are more important than the "how" part.
6. Wealth creation principles
7. 8 Steps to Financial Freedom

Get set, download it from the Freedom portal and get set to learn more. 

While others wine away their time in the traffic chaos and get frustrated about it, you are moving a step closer to wealth and financial freedom... a journey that would pay you rich dividends once you get started.

Happy driving !!


Manoj Arora
Lead a Financially Free Life !!

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Income Tax Return (ITR) Submission Deadlines, Delays and Implications

[Last Updated : 05-Jul-2017]
It is time for Income tax Returns submission (ITR submission), and there are many queries that we come across every year, not only because the laws related to tax filing keep changing, but also because we keep landing ourselves into a new trouble every time e.g. what to do if you did not file ITRs in the previous years. 
So, i thought it might be helpful to put forward a few important scenarios and the answers to such queries...read on..

Friday, July 05, 2013

The book "RR2FF" now gets acknowledged by "The Pioneer"

RR2FF (the book) has been catching up momentum, slowly but surely. The word of mouth has been spreading. People who have read the book are recommending it to others. I can see that with the trend of registrations continuously going up on the Freedom Portal. I can also see that with the emails, phone calls and feedback being received from unknown freedom seekers from across the globe.

On 16th June 2013, the Pioneer, which is a leading English language newspaper in India and is also the second oldest English language newspaper in India that is operational, came up with a recommendation for your book "From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom". Here are two images from "The Pioneer" highlighting the book:

The journey has been awesome so far... 
  • Our mission has reached 91 Freedom seekers who are enrolled on the Freedom portal and are taking one-one coaching to get financially free in life. We are adding 1-2 new users every day. 
  • Freedom Blog hit rate has gone up from 150 a day to almost 250 a day. 
  • Facebook followers, Blog Subscribers have been going up every single day. 
  • Some of my far away friends and relatives, with whom i had almost lost touch, are happy to connect back with me and i am obliged that i have been of some value add to their lives.

There are people who have decided to take charge of the lives and their destiny. Along with me, they believe that money should not dictate how and where i spend my time. I must take charge. I must master money, so that i can take control of the biggest asset of my life - My Time.

If you also want to take charge of your life, do visit the Freedom Portal or write back to me.


Manoj Arora
Lead a Financially Free Life !!