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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The power of negative energy

There is lot of power in positive, as well as negative energy. Just if we know how to transform this source of energy, so many lives can be rewritten...

What is negative energy?
We hear a lot about positive thinking and what miracles it can do to our thought process, our actions, our goals and ultimately our lives. Yet, we see so many people around us talking negative things. 
Pick up a newspaper, tune into a TV channel or just have a group chat over tea with some of your old friends - you are most likely to come out of the discussion in a more "negative frame of mind" than positive. 
Are these negative statements really detrimental to us or can we harness this "immense" negative energy into our benefit? Let us see.

Negative Energy is still an Energy
While negative energy is not what we want, it is still an "immense source" of energy and it depends on whether we can potentially convert that "negative" energy to "positive" energy. 
If we can do that, imagine the amount of energy that we would possess and the kind of thrust this can provide to achieve our seemingly tougher goals.

Can we transform negative energy to positive energy?
Those of you who are parents must have surely witnessed this. Even those who are not parents but have dealt with a small child can also relate with this. 
A child wants a particular glass showpiece which you bought from an exquisite store and have nurtured it till date, and obviously, you do not want to part away with that beautiful and admirable piece of glass. 
To prevent the child getting his hand to it, you place it in your showcase, away from the child. What we are unknowingly trying to do here is that we are passing a negative energy to the child saying that he cannot reach the target now. 
What do you think the child does? Does he get demotivated by this negativism or he still tries to reach his target - this time with even more energy and determination? 
My experienced fellows would say that the latter is true. So, what the child has done is that he has converted the negative energy (someone telling him that he cannot do it) to a positive energy (the child becoming more adamant to get it). 

So, it is possible to convert energies from one form to another. Just like we can convert electric energy to heat energy in an electric heater, our mind can convert the negative energy to positive energy and we all know that there is no shortage of negative energy around us.

What transforms negative energy to positive energy?
It is always the strength of your goals that would transform this freely available negative energy into positive energy. 
I remember that every time someone used to tell me that I cannot be financially free or I will find it difficult to write a book, i used to smile at the person but my mind used to conceptualize thoughts like : 
"I am going to show him now that i can do it"
" I am going to prove him wrong" ...

...and all these thoughts provided a lot of positive energy to my goals. At that stage, I had no evidence that i can achieve my goals, no one had ever written a book in my family, no one in my known group had ever achieved financial freedom but I was clear with my dream...and the strength of that dream was acting as a convertor to convert all the negativity around me to positive energy which boosted my belief in my goals.

So, go on, strengthen your dreams and collate all the huge amount of negativity around you, and then use the power of your dream to convert that into immense positive energy which can fuel your goals even further.

The book "Dream On" is an epic story of a dreamer who faces multiple setbacks, each one of which strengthens his Dream to elevate not only his life - but the lives of so many people around him.


Manoj Arora


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