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Saturday, January 31, 2015


Change is simple. And Change is also reversible. You can decide to change from tomorrow, like deciding to go for a morning walk everyday. You may do it for a few weeks. But you are likely to change back to your usual self, sooner rather than later. 
You changed on both occasions. What you need is not change, but transformation. Transformation is a different ball game. It needs commitment, practice and a burning desire...read on..

"I promise. I will go for a morning walk from tomorrow." said Shravan to Kavita.

"But that's what you said a few months back also Shravan. See, you also understand that most of your back ache, and other health issues are directly related to having a good fitness regime. And I am not asking you to go to gym or undertake any stringent schedule. I am just asking you to go out every morning at a fixed time, take some fresh air, do some stretching and come back, and observe the same schedule everyday - that's it. Why cant you change this much for the sake of your own health?"

"I will do it Kavita. Its a promise. I will change."

Shravan had actually changed. He started his new routine 6:00 am, and that too on a Saturday morning, and this was a true testimony to the change he wanted to bring in his lifestyle. He continued and persisted with this change for the coming weeks. But you know, its never easy. Before you can qualify for the next level, God will test you, and so HE did.

It started to rain very heavy the next morning. Shravan had a valid reason not to go. Next day, the rain continued. Shravan promised to go the day after. Next day, he had an urgent office meeting which he could not miss, and he had to reach office 2 hours early. The next day, he was heaving a slight headache when he woke up in the morning..... and on and on and on .... 
God kept testing, and he kept failing, every single time.

Some of us may feel that Shravan had a genuine reasons for not going for the morning walk. Yes, the reasons were genuine. God only gives genuine test, HE never fakes. 
A few more days of tests, and Shravan had changed once again, to his former self.

"Shravan, what you need is transformation, and not change. Transformation is irreversible, while change is not. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was not changed to Mahatma Gandhi - he was transformed. A Caterpillar is not changed. It is transformed to a beautiful butterfly. 
Change is easy to do. Transformation needs a burning desire inside you - a very strong reason, high focus to transform. So, if you think you need to make morning walk as your habit, you need to transform to a fitter you - where you can look back after a few months and say - that was my former self. This is the new me. When you reach that stage, morning walk would happen from the automated part of your brain, and you would not need to make any conscious efforts."

"But what can I do Kavita? My reasons were genuine." exclaimed Shravan.

"Yes, they were genuine for anyone trying to change. But for anyone trying to transform, he could have walked inside the house when it was raining outside, one could have woken up 1 more hour early if there was an urgent office work that could not be avoided, one can still walk in a headache...see here is the point..HE will keep testing you, till you transform to a new level, and once you have actually cleared the tests and transformed, then HE will stop testing you. In fact, then HE will support you to sustain your new level."

"OK. I understand what you say Kavita. I first need to make it a burning desire for me, and then this transformation will truly happen. But tell me, how do I make this as a burning desire for myself?"

"Read about fitness, watch some videos, read some books or magazines, listen to some audios, meet some ultra fit people - do whatever to surround yourself with what you want to transform to - and transformation will start burning inside you also. When raw silver ore has to 'transform' to shining and glittering silver - it surrounds itself with fire. The same way Shravan, you got to surround yourself with people, objects and situations that you want to transform to. The fire will start burning very soon."

"Got it - here I go Kavita."

"Hope to see a transformed Shravan very soon.."

The book Happiness Unlimited shows you many such lessons to lead a happier, contended life.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

An Apple Tree and our dreams

Sapna was just turning 7. Her parents had inculcated social values in her from a small age. She wanted to plant an apple tree on her birthday, But she was clear - she wanted to plant a 'big apple tree' that can bear fruits quickly..Will she get one? or will she help all of us learn some beautiful lessons of life?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Top 10 Wealth Management Principles - An online Course that can decide your financial destiny

You can do it form the comfort of your home, at your convenient timing, from your mobile or I-Pad. It is amazing how fast technology has changed over the past few decades. What has not changed are the principles that the wealthy have been using to make wealth.
I am going to show you the Top 10 Wealth management principles that the wealthy use to manage and build their wealth..Come with me..read on...

It is just 3 days to go for the launch of the much awaited online course on "Wealth Management Principles". 19th Jan 2015 is the day when financial education will be redefined in India. Everyone who deals with money needs this course. If we understand what the billionaires have understood, we can be wealthy too. These principles are simple, and yet extremely powerful.

I mentioned a few of these in the book, but I can tell you that a written content is so very different from an audio visual interaction. Come, as I take you through the intricacies of the top 10 wealth management principles adapted by the wealthy across the globe. Nothing has really changed here since the last 100 years. We will show you audio visuals, take you through real life examples, tell you the Dos and Dont's, give you an examination after each module to clear. Then of course, you must take it seriously and prepare yourself for a certification in the end.

Come, learn with me. This is a unique tie up that is changing the way financial education is being imparted in India today. We have tied up with Classle to provide you with this unique platform to learn and get wealthy. As India writes its story of development, make sure you understand the basics about money right, and are not left behind in this wave of wealth creation.
If you ever wanted to understand how wealth is created and nourished, wanted someone to explain it in a simple language with real life examples, this is the opportunity that has just been given to you by the Universe. You just cannot afford to miss this...

3 days before the introductory prices are taken off !!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Start giving more...and then trust the universe

On a vacation trip, we happened to visit a place which had a river as well as a lake.  That a child can ask such soul searching questions was only re-affirmed that day. What is the difference between the water in the lake and the water in the river, and what does it teach us about life? Read on...

"This is beautiful Dad. I never realized that a river can be such noisy", shouted my daughter after showing her charming smile and while enjoying the beauty of nature.  She was just sitting besides me, on one of the bigger rocks at the river shore. 
"But it is also very beautiful. I am really liking it."

"This same river can also be very very powerful my child. Flowing water always is."  
 I was trying to explain her.

"And see, the water is also so clean and clear. I can see the rocks at the bottom." 
She was really excited.

"Yes of course. Rivers flow from the mountains and starts 100% pure, till the human intervention pollutes it."

"Human intervention, like what Dad?"

"Like factory wastes, sand from deforested land in the hills, throwing garbage etc..."

It was difficult to talk for long, considering the noise that the gushing water was generating. So, we decided to be with ourselves and enjoy the feast of the nature. We sat on the rocks near the river for the entire day. The same river, the same water, the same noise of the water striking against the rocks, but the pleasure did not subside till the evening. 

Next day, as per schedule, we went to the lake. Wow !! It is always such a different experience. Boating, looking and feeding those beautiful ducks was a true delight for the kids. Me and my spouse were watching them from some distance and the kids were playing around with the ducks. The younger one was very miser with the food she was offering to the ducks. Probably, she was concerned that her food might just get finished and then she wont be able to feed the ducks anymore. 

Suddenly she came running towards us and asked,
"Dad, the water is the same everywhere. But why does the water stinks here at some places, while the water in the river we saw yesterday was so neat and clean?"

I thought for quite sometime, and answered, 
"Very interesting question dear. You are right that the water is the same. It is just that water in the lake remains the same for most part of the year till there is an intervention and refueling from the mother nature, like in the form of rain. On the other hand, the water in the river is continuously flowing, and therefore remains fresh and clean and pure always. It is the same with our life also. Does that answer your question dear?"

"It did to a large extent dad, but what do you mean when you say it is the same with our lives."

"See, many times, we try to hold on to what nature gives us - it could be money, love, may be your dress or your favorite toy or anything else. The more we hold on, it starts to stink after some time, just like the water in the lake. Possession is against nature."

"If possession is against nature, then what should we do?"

"Start giving. The more you give, the more HE will fill you up. Start using the money in its right way. Start giving love and appreciating people for the good work that they are doing. And when HE fills us back with love, it will be pure and fresh of course. We might initially feel that we would lose it if we give it away, while the fact is that when you give it away for the right cause, the void is filled back by HIM to establish the natural equilibrium."

"You try and posses a pencil which your sister desperately wants. Yes, you will have it for sure. But remember, that after some time, the pencil will never look the same - it will deteriorate in looks and quality. Thats what nature is. But if you give away the same new pencil to your sister, first she will be so excited - that itself is a victory for you - bringing smile to someone else's face. And second, nature would make sure that your sister starts to think what she can do for you in return. She may not get you a new pencil in return, but she would do something that will fill up this vacuum that you created for the right reason."

"Thats how it works in life. But you must trust Nature, give away a lot and let it work for us."
"Thanks Dad, I understand that Giving should be a part of our life"
She hugs me, and then goes back to the ducks.

As she starts to feed the ducks again, my wife points me towards her hand - It has more grains to feed than it ever had earlier. She just started to trust nature more than what she used to do, till yesterday. She just learnt to start giving more.

The book Happiness Unlimited shows you many such lessons to lead a happier, contended life.


Friday, January 09, 2015

Gold Funds Vs Gold ETFs

When it comes to having a balanced portfolio, Gold is one commodity that provides a key balance. If you are serious about Gold as an electronic investment, you must understand the options available to you : Gold Funds, Gold ETFs, and e-Gold. Let us have a closer look so that you can invest it right..read on..

Gold is an essential ingredient of any portfolio. The general guideline is to have 5-10% of your portfolio invested in Gold, the true form of money. Having more Gold will reduce your overall portfolio returns. Having less Gold will not provide the required hedge to your portfolio.

We have already studied about the differences between e-Gold and Gold ETFs. Click here to read it now. Today we will focus on Gold Funds Vs Gold ETFs. Both have their advantages as well as their limitations, so let us carry out an analysis to see which one works well for you.

What are these?
Gold ETFs are funds that invest in physical gold of 99.5 per cent purity. A gold ETF invests 90-100 per cent in physical gold sourced from the RBI approved banks and 0-10 per cent in debt instruments. It is for this reason that Gold ETF returns are mostly in line with the prices of physical gold.
On the other hand, a Gold fund is an open-ended fund that invests in a gold ETF.

Minimum Purchase
Since ETFs are direct investments in Gold, the minimum that you can buy in ETFs, is gold worth at least one unit, which is equivalent to one gram of physical gold.
In case of Gold funds, there is no such minimum constraint. You can start with an investment as low as Rs. 500/-

The units of gold ETFs are traded in exchanges and hence offer high liquidity at the right price for both buyers and sellers. 
However, this liquidity varies across fund houses, which makes liquidity an important factor when investing in a gold ETF.  Look for funds with high liquidity in the exchange.

Ease of investing
For an investor, buying a gold fund is easier because you don't need a demat account, which is required to invest in a gold ETF. 
Investors in gold funds can invest through the SIP route, which is not possible when investing in the ETF.

Expenses and Returns
Both these forms of investments in gold track the price of gold and have similar returns. The returns of gold funds will be lower than the gains made by an exchange-traded fund to the extent of the management fee charged by the fund's promoter. Gold Funds typically charge annual expenses of about 1.5 per cent of the asset under management, whereas it is around 1 per cent in case of gold ETFs.

When should you go for ETFs?
  • You are an avid investor.With an ETF, you will have to time your purchases right and execute your purchase orders on your own.
  • You already trade using a demat account
  • Returns are a high priority for you and you are ready to invest some time monitoring the ETF in the exchange.
When should you go for Gold Funds?
  • You are looking at convenience more than the returns.
  • You do not trade using a demat account
  • You are not an avid investor and have trouble tracking market regularly
  • You prefer to invest via SIPs and withdraw via SWPs so that you are not bothered to track.
  • You do not wish to face liquidity risk and want to buy and sell at the NAV anytime.

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Manoj Arora
Freedom can buy you.... what money cannot !!

More on "From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom"

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Time is the only currency

Vansh spent his entire life building wealth, for himself and his family, so that they can all enjoy their life one day, until death knocked at their doors - unexpected and uncalled. Vansh starts to interact with the messenger of God, who has come to pick him up, and this interaction turns out to be a lesson for all of us...Read On..

He did not go for expensive vacations. He did not use the latest gadgets. He squeezed the expenses of his family. Vansh did all this, so that he can accumulate enough money for his family that would make everyone's life enjoyable after the age of 50. He planned his last 20-30 years of life very strategically. He was able to collate a corpus of around Rs. 50 Crores. He did not know what corpus was enough for him, so he kept accumulating till he accumulated 50 Crores.

Vansh's planning was immaculate. He was bang on target. By the time he celebrated his 50th Birthday, he had more than 50 Crores in his kitty. He was getting excited for the upcoming life

That day, Vansh was coming home from a business meeting. He thought he would share this great news to his family and children, and then,
"Everyone would be extremely excited to know that we are going to live the life of our dreams. We dont really have to be conservative now. We can buy what we feel like, we can go on vacations where we feel like. We can truly enjoy our lives from today onwards."

Just as he was day dreaming, still around 3 kilometers away from his residence, he asked the driver to stop the car at a sweet shop. He wanted to celebrate this occasion with something good. He ordered for 2 Kg of his favorite sweet, and after 2 minutes, reduced it to 1 Kg, and then to 500g. "They cannot eat more than this." he thought.

As his car sped off from the sweet shop towards his home, his mind was already running into these exciting thoughts
What would the reaction of his family on listening this great news that we have accumulated whatever money we need to accumulate? What vacation destination they would chose? What would be his wife's and children's preference to eat out today?  

Suddenly, there was a huge bang, followed by a trembling vibration and he did not know what happened after that.

When he had some sense of realization, he was lying in a hospital, breathing his last. His car had met a serious accident. Driver did not survive. He was also ready to leave the body. The God's messenger had already arrived to pick him up. He could not believe this was happening to him. He saw his family crying besides him. Was he already dead?

"This is not as per the plan. You cannot do this to me." shouted Vansh at the God's messenger in his thoughts.

"As per whose plan, sir?" God's messenger was patient, very polite and humble.

"As per what I planned." came the reply from Vansh.

"But Mr Vansh, this cycle of life and death does not go as per what you plan sir. This is planned by the creator. I am just his messenger, and I am following his plan."

"But I worked my entire life to enjoy these days, and you are now taking these days away from me."

"Cannot help it sir. I am extremely sorry."

A shroud businessman that Vansh was, "OK, here is the deal. I have 50 Crores. I will give you 25 Crores. You let me live my life for another 1 year. At least, I can make some use of the money I earned."

"I don't understand what is money sir. For us, time is the only currency. And you have no more time left with you. So, sir, you need to come with me."

"OK OK, relax. forget 1 year, give me 1 month at least. You see, I did not enjoy all these years with the assumption that I have to live till 70 at least. I mean, that's the average human age. It is unfair not to give me my fair share of age."

"I am extremely sorry sir. I cannot help you. You were allotted only 50 years of time, and your time is up. You need to come with me." God's messenger was adamant.

"OK fine, this is a steal of the deal - Take all the 50 Crores and give me 1 week, just 1 week - I want to spend some time with my loved ones. I have never spent time with them till now. I was so busy. I want to hug them , play with them, eat with them, love them, see them in their faces, smile with them, cry with them, dance with them, sing with them, go to movies and restaurants with them. Please understand. - Your God cannot be so merciless and arrogant."

"Sorry sir, I cannot do this. God gave you 50 years of time to just do that."

"OK, please, give me 1 minute, 1 second at least - let me have a last look at them at least." Vansh was crying and begging by this time.

"Extremely sorry sir, you need to come right now. Time is of utmost value to us. We cannot give you even a fraction of second more. I know that most of the people on earth spend a lot of time to earn money but they forget that the money was there to enjoy with their loved ones. They get stuck in a rat race. Some smart people "buy back" their time by accumulating enough money - by reaching a state called as Financial Freedom. Others have no clue how much more they need, and they just keep accumulating money. But the sad fact is that Time is the only thing that matters. Lets go."

God's messenger takes Vansh with him. His body lay there in the hospital - his soul's time being over.

Remember, that time is the biggest asset that we have, simply because it is limited. We do not even know what that limit is. The limit may just be getting over today, tomorrow. We do not know. So, if you are not spending a lot of time with your loved ones, or not planning to buy back time, you might be left with a currency called as money that has absolutely no value outside this planet.
Take a wise decision. Invest in the right currency. The fictitious currency called as Money could not even buy one single moment of the real currency called as Time.

Live your life with gratitude today. You woke up today with another 24 hours in hand, Not everyone did. Be grateful that he allocated you the time currency. Use this currency to love your family, love yourself, love everyone around you. There is limited time to love and share your happiness. Use it to the extent feasible. 

The book Happiness Unlimited shows you many such lessons to lead a happier, contended life.


Thursday, January 01, 2015

Understanding and Creating an Indian Will

Creating wealth is just one aspect of financial planning . On the other hand, death is a reality. Ignore this reality at the peril of strained relations among your family and relatives post you are gone.
An assumption that you need to write a will only if you are sick or old is as correct as the assumption that people die only of old age. You should create a will early in your life. So, here is all that you should know about your Will.

As a simple rule, if you need insurance, you also need a will as it will help you allocate wealth to specific people and for certain purposes. 
We spend all of our time planning real estate purchases and creating wealth through stocks and gold. Aren't these efforts partly aimed at leaving behind a rich legacy for our loved ones? You need to bequeath it to someone, preferably through a proper will.

What is a Will
Succession planning can be done through wills, corporate entities and trusts. A will is a testament that declares the intention of the person with regard to his wealth and property which he wants to be executed after his death. If one dies without making a will (called 'intestate' in legal parlance), his wealth is inherited by the heirs according to the inheritance laws.

Why a Will
The concept of will is not alien to us, but how many of us actually make the effort to write one? Most of us don't bother based on the assumption that it is required only for those who are rolling in wealth.
On the other hand, a will ensures that:
  1. The wealth is transferred to people you choose
  2. The interests of the weak or of minors are provided for,
  3. Your wealth is distributed without family disputes
  4. Your wealth is transferred to trusted people who will respect what you have accomplished.
  5. Even if you intent to transfer all your wealth to your spouse, you would need a will. All the assets do not automatically get transferred to the deceased's spouse. The applicable succession laws (depending on ones religion) usually provide for distribution of the assets among the natural heirs, which includes other relatives in addition to the spouse of the deceased.
  6. Even if you plan to distribute your wealth equally among all your heirs, you should write a will to that effect to avoid disputes among your family members and make the transition of wealth easier.

What if you leave no will
  1. In the absence of a will, your property gets distributed equally among your heirs according to the succession laws. The law wouldn't know what property to be given to whom, and therefore the law of equal distribution. However, the law of succession applies based on the religion of the deceased. Since laws of marriage and succession are the most intricate among the religious laws, inheritance issues in India are very complicated. In case of more than one heir, distribution of assets can lead to family disputes.
  2. Consolidating the assets is a big challenge by the heirs after the death of an individual. If the person had been investing and buying properties without telling anything about the purchases to his heirs, and has also not left any will, the task becomes difficult. The heirs will have to scour the heaves of papers to know the deceased's legacy.
  3. Today, when the online investment platform is becoming more popular and all our bills and receipts are delivered in our email account, it might not be easy for the survivors to know about all the investments of a deceased in the absence of a will. 

Key Terms / Roles in Will making
  1. Testator - The person making the will.
  2. Witnesses - Persons who are witness to the preparation of will.
  3. Testament - Will Statement
  4. Beneficiaries - People who benefit from the will
  5. Executor - A person who is entrusted with the responsibility of transferring the property as desired by the testator.
  6. Codicil - A supplementary statement to the will
  7. Probate - Court Order verifying the genuineness of the will. Needed by the beneficiary or the executor
  8. Nominee - A trustee of the will until it is executed. Does not become a beneficiary by default.

Types of WILL
1) Unprivileged Will
A will written by any individual other than a soldier, a sailor or an airman engaged in a war or on an expedition, is an unprivileged will. These wills need to be signed by the testator (the person making the will) in the presence of at least two witnesses who also sign the will. These wills can be revoked by writing a new will or destroying the old one.
2) Privileged Will
If a soldier, sailor or airman is in the battlefield or engaged in an expedition, he may make a privileged will. If the person writes the entire will with his own hands, it does not need to be signed by any witness. These wills can also be written by another person. Such wills can be revoked by an unprivileged will.
3) Conditional Will
An individual can attach certain conditions to his will. For example, one can write a will which will come into force if the person dies during a particular period. One can also leave a property for a person subject to fulfillment of certain condition such as marriage and attaining certain age. However, if one writes a will with illegal or immoral condition, it is not considered a valid one.
4) Joint Will
A joint will is written by two or more persons together who dispose of their property as a team. Such wills come into effect after the death of all the testators. Any of the testators can revoke the will during his lifetime even after the death of the other.
5) Mutual Will
Two individuals can write a mutual will giving their wealth to the other in case of their death. For example, a couple can write a mutual will which makes the survivor the sole owner of their wealth.
6) Concurrent Will
Ideally, one person should leave only one will. For the sake of convenience, individuals who have properties in more than one country execute separate wills for properties in different nations.

What Can Be Willed?
The succession of property is governed by complex laws of inheritance and religion as well as customs. The laws also differ for men and women.
  1. A Hindu (which also includes Jains, Buddhists and Sikhs) man can write a will for any property earned and owned by him.
  2. Even obligations and liabilities can be passed on with the assets.
  3. However, a person cannot include those assets which are not legally transferable in his testament. 
  4. Let's assume that a person has Rs 1 lakh in cash earned by him and Rs 5 lakh inherited from his father. He is free to give only the Rs 1 lakh at his will. If he has four legal heirs, the Rs 5 lakh will have five claimants (one being the person himself). So his share in the inherited money is only Rs 1 lakh. He can give his share in the inherited asset to anyone he wants.
  5. In contrast, a Hindu woman has absolute ownership of all earned as well as inherited property. She can write a will for her entire property.
  6. The Muslim law allows an individual with heirs to distribute only one-third of his wealth through a will. The rest two-thirds of the wealth is inherited according to the religious laws. The limitation does not apply if the heirs give their consent.
  7. In case of a leased property, only the rights for the remaining period of the lease can be passed on through a will.
  8. Both Indian as well as foreign assets can be passed on in a will.

Pre-conditions for Writing a Testament 
  1. There is no fixed format for a will. 
  2. You don't need a lawyer to draft it. Just write your will on plain paper or even a leaf from your journal.
  3. However, it will be considered valid only when it has your signature or thumb impression and has signatures of two witnesses certifying that it is your will.
  4. The law does require the will to have been made when you are sane and free from any duress or undue influence.
  5. A minor cannot dispose of his property through a will.
  6. As the law mandates that only a mentally sound person can write a will, you can attach a certificate from a doctor saying that you were in good health and sound mind while making the will. You can get the doctor to sign your will as a witness.

Registering a Will
  1. Though it is not mandatory to get your will registered, getting it registered is one way of ensuring safety of your will while making it easy to establish it as your genuine testament.
  2. A registered will is kept in safe custody of the registrar and cannot ordinarily be tampered with, destroyed, lost or stolen. For better safety of your will, you can also keep a copy of your will with the main beneficiary or the executor.
  3. For getting a will registered, you will have to visit the registrar's office along with your witnesses.
  4. A will can also be registered by the executor or any beneficiary after the testator's demise.
  5. There is no stamp duty for registration of a will.
  6. However, getting a will registered means that changing or cancelling it will require a time-consuming process. Any subsequent testament will also have to be registered.
  7. Though anyone, including a beneficiary, can be witness to your will, it is advisable to get some trusted person having no interest in the will sign it

Execution of Will
  1. First of all, it is not essential to appoint an executor, but where the property is huge and needs to be administered for a long period of time, it is better to appoint an executor. even for smaller properties, to be on the safe side, appointing an executor can only help you.
  2. You should appoint only a trusted person as the executor of your will after seeking his consent.
  3. If you do not seek his permission in advance, there might be no executor for your will if the person refuses to accept the responsibility after your demise.
  4. If there is no executor of a will, the court will appoint one.
  5. While making a will is a simple process which doesn't require any help from lawyers or visits to any government office or court, but the same is not true for the beneficiaries. The beneficiaries or the executor need to get a court order, or probate, verifying the genuineness of the will
  6. A succession certificate is required when a person dies without writing a will.
  7. A fixed percentage of the total value of the assets is charged as court fee for obtaining a probate, which differs from state to state.
  8. Once an application for a probate is accepted, the court issues a notice in newspapers inviting objections to the inheritance claims.
  9. Once the application is disposed of, the court issues a probate. However, a probate is not required for immovable properties of Hindus, except when it is located in West Bengal, Mumbai and Chennai.
  10. Though, legally, you can also have one of the beneficiaries as the executor of your will, but selecting a beneficiary as your executor might lead to a conflict of interests because a beneficiary who is also an executor may be required to choose between awarding assets to him or herself or to another beneficiary. This situation is best avoided from the beginning by selecting an executor who is not a beneficiary.

Changing your Will
  1. If you make a will, it is only expected that you might want to change it with changing dynamics of your family and your relationship with the beneficiaries or when you acquire new assets or dispose of some old ones.
  2. Minor changes in the will can be made through a supplementary statement, known as a codicil in legalese. It is executed in the same way as a will.
  3. If you need to make some major changes in your will, create a new one.
  4. If you haven't got your will registered, destroying the old one and writing a fresh will is all that you need to do to revise it.
  5. Make sure that the will clearly mentions the date of creation. The last will supersedes all earlier ones.

A Sample Will

I, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , son/wife of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ,resident of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ,age _ _ years, am making this will on the _ _ day of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ out of my free volition and without any coercion or undue influence whatsoever and state that this is my last will and that I hereby revoke all Wills and codicil made by me at any time heretoforce, I bequeath my property , interests and other rights as follows:

1. I bequeath on my death to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ,my title interests and all other rights which i have as owner of the residential / Commercial Property at _ _ _ _ _ _ _ , I hereby sate that he shall be
entitled to use and enjoy the said property at his own will after my death.
2. I bequeath on my death the following ornaments and jewellery belonging to me to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ :-(Give the list of the ornaments)
3. I bequeath on my death, cash balances lying with me at the time of the death to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .
4. I bequeath on my death,bank balance lying in my name at Savings/Current Bank Account No._ _ _ _ Bank of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ,_ _ _ _ _ _ _ Branch, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ at the time of my death to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .
5. I bequeath the amounts receivable by me the time of my death from various parties on various accounts to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .
6. I bequeath the amonts and other valuables owned by me and lying in locker number _ _ _ _ in my name at Bank _ _ _ _ , Branch at the time of my death to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .
7. I direct that a sum of rupees _ _ _ _ Only (Rs. _ _ _ _ /-) be set apart from my assets at the time of my death and be donated to a charitable trust or persons whose aim and objective is to provide food, medical assistance, education assistance, etc to the needy persons.
8. I direct that before distributing my assets in accordance with this will , all my debts , liabilities and monetary obligations including all testamentary expenses, costs, charges,expenses in respect to probate and other legal charges at the time of my death be met out of my assets.
9. I bequeath all the other residuary property , assets and other rights whether or not existing at the time of my death to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

I further state that Mr, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is appointed as the executor of the this will.

I declare that I am the owner of the properties mentioned in this will and an entitled to make this will. I am of sound mind and health at the time of making this will.

In witness whereof , I have hereunto set and subscribed my hand and signature on this _ _ day of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .


Signed by Mr. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ on his last will and testament, all being present at the same time. Thereafter at his request and in his presence, We subscribed our respective names and signatures as attesting witnesses all being also present at the same time.

Signature of the Witnesses
1. I have witnessed and read the aforesaid will.


2. I have witnessed and read the aforesaid will.


3. I have examined Mr. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ on the date of this will and wish to state that he appears to be in of sound mind and sound mental health at the time of making the above will.

Sign of doctor