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Sunday, July 29, 2012

One person can make ALL the difference

There are too many problems in this world for one person to make any significant difference. Really? Sure? I do not think so. One person can make all the difference. And in most cases, it is only one person that made the difference.... Read on...

It is a very common practice to think like most people do - "What can I do?" or "Even if i change, will everyone around me change?" or "Can one person make any difference when we are talking about millions of people that need to change?"

If you are not inspired enough, or do not have enough self belief, then go and watch the last episode of Satyamev Jayate which was aired today...and you will see so many stories of single men and women making a huge difference to the society, just with the foundation of their self belief and determination and fighting all obstacles and hardships on their way.

I know most of you would not have the time to watch the entire episode. So, let me brief you a few examples of what i saw:

- One woman (who was a vegetable seller) and lost her husband at a young age because she could not pay for his medication, pledges to help poor and needy people who come in want of medical treatment. She goes on to continue to sell vegetables, collect money, educate her only son to become a doctor, and then both son and mom gather all their savings to run a huge charitable hospital of their own. Today, they treat more than 100 patients a day. Have they made any difference? It was just one woman's determination and grit that is changing lives of millions in and around their village.
-  One man (yes, exactly 1 man) realizes the huge distance his villagers have to commute daily to go across to the other side of the mountain for work. He decides to cut an entire mountain and convert a 70 km stretch to 7 km with a simple hammer and chisel in his hand. People call him crazy and insane for may years, but he continues to do what he dreams of doing each day and every day for the nest 22 years. It takes him 22 years but he completes his mission. The fact that he completes it is a reminder of his self belief and never say die attitude.
- One woman who was gang raped at the age of 8 and is not easily accepted by the society thereafter decides to dedicate her life for the upliftment of all such women, to bring them out of prostitution and make them economically and socially viable. That woman and her team face enormous challenges every day including the fear of their lives but nothing has stopped them for the last 20 years and they continue to uplift the society. 

There were many other such stories. But when i actually saw all of these brave men and women on my television screen, i felt so proud of all of them. They had one thing to say in common : If you have the right intent and the will power to achieve something, the entire universe will conspire to help you achieve your goals.

Do you think they made any difference? They all did make a HUGE difference. Not only they achieved what they set out for, they also created a sense of hope and self belief for the people around them. And "Hope" is a big thing. If you have seen people doing and achieving great results in adverse conditions around you, you would also get the belief that you can also do it. This is contagious and that is how one person can turn this into a revolution.

If they all kept waiting for others to change or if they kept thinking that what can i do as a single person, the world would never have become a better place.

One man or woman can make all the difference..provided he or she has the will power, determination and the right intent. It does not matter whether you know how to do it or not. You may be absolutely blank in terms of how to execute your plan, but if you have the necessary ingredients of will power, determination and good intent, there is one additional supernatural force that works with you (the force of GOD) and when this force starts working with you, everything around you starts behaving in a way that they all want to help you achieve what you have set out for .

So, pick up your lost dreams, don't throw them away thinking that these cannot be achieved or what can you do alone about it. You can make ALL the difference that is needed,. It is just a question of getting started with the right intent and self belief. GOD will come along with you, and you will also cherish this journey.

This is exactly how i also achieved financial freedom. This is also how i wrote a book. Am i a professional author? No. Did someone tell me how to achieve financial freedom? No. Was i born in a family with financial background? Absolutely no. I was just clear with my dreams, had the right intent, gathered enough courage on the way and kept making my dreams stronger with each passing day...

Go on, this is the only life you have. 
How many years you will live? I don't know.
Will you be able to fulfill your dreams? I have no idea.
What I only know is that if you get started with the right intent, God will come and help you on the way...and you will feel HIS presence - for sure.

Go....chase your true dreams...don't be a loser.
Do not repent later that you should have at least tried.


Manoj Arora

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