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Friday, November 08, 2019

10 Insightful Lessons from the Documentary 'Inside Bill's Brain'

We have been publishing life lessons from various best selling books for a long time now. Acknowledging that we must change with changing times, this is our first attempt on publishing lessons from a Netflix documentary. 

For those who have missed out reading some of our posts which captured lessons from some of the best selling books, they can click here to read the book lessons.

This is the first documentary that is being published on our blog. And who better than Bill Gates to set the ball rolling.


Inside Bill's Brain


3 Episodes totaling 159 minutes



Take a trip inside the mind of Bill Gates as the billionaire opens up about those who influenced him and the audacious goals he's still pursuing.

So, here are the top lessons from this documentary

1/ Value your time
He is on time, to the minute, every single meeting, without fail. Time is one commodity that he can't buy more of. It is a limited resource. Its finite. He has got the same 24 hours in a day that rest of us have.
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2/ Think Big
Most people have read this statement, but none feel that they are powerful enough to change the world around them. Bill thought differently.
He realised that there are millions of deaths across the world every year because of diarrhea. There is no way the complex sewage treatment plants can be built in such densely populated areas. Even if we could financially afford to build them, we can't get that much water to keep running them. He therefore thought of funding inventors who could solve this problem in 1/10th of the cost and without water.
Bill is looking at Zero Diarrhea deaths because of sewage contamination.

3/ Ask the right question, always !
Questions were never about whether they were difficult to solve. Questions were always about whether the answers are worth it.

4/ Get set for failure
He was refused by all universities when he tried to solve the toilet problem. His competitive spirit got him going. Negative energy is a significant energy. You just need to know how to transform it. He went back in a slightly different way, and ultimately got the problem solved.
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5/ Parenting
Parenting is a very big responsibility. It was her mom that kept nudging him into the social stuff, kept motivating him to become better, and more socially responsible. 
(Interestingly, this is what our upcoming book is about)

6/ Break the Schedule
Bill started to take Think Weeks while he was still running Microsoft. He would travel to Hood Canal and stay there alone for a week, just reading and thinking. He will read stacks of books, like mad, as if he was preparing for an IIT entrance exam.
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7/ Love your Critic Friends
It is so important to have friends who can ask the right questions and help you become better. That's what he felt when he met Warren Buffet.

8/ Love always lasts
Love lasts and anger tends to fade. Bill and Paul did not have the best of relationships when Microsoft started to pick up. But then love conquered that as well.

9/ Destiny has a role - big one
Playing Cards are so much like life - driven by destiny. Even if you have the best skills in the game, you would lose the game if destiny was not on your side. In fact, most games are driven by luck.

10/ Get uncomfortable
When confronted with something very difficult, his answer was always 'Work Harder'. He believed very strongly that ultimately, its not what you get of what you give, but its what you become in the process.
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Leaving you with the Official Trailer of the documentary that was such a worthwhile watch.


Manoj Arora


  1. I have watched this series two times but didn't list out what I have learned but sir you did it. You inspired me to do this. Thank you 🙏 sir. Your fan Ananda Pradhan

    1. Thank you for your kind words Ananda. The idea is to share, share and share. Lives get elevated when it is done together.

  2. A very curious and inspiring writeup. I havent seen the series, bur now I will. Thank you for inspiring

  3. Sir, it is a great works. This documentary lessons inspires us. And helps us to know the thoughts of great personalities. Yours writing will covers the matters, that we failed to catch them by seeing videos. Thank you sir.

    1. Thank you Praveen. Happy that you got something positive out of the blog post. Have a super life ahead.