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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Time is the only currency

Vansh spent his entire life building wealth, for himself and his family, so that they can all enjoy their life one day, until death knocked at their doors - unexpected and uncalled. Vansh starts to interact with the messenger of God, who has come to pick him up, and this interaction turns out to be a lesson for all of us...Read On..

He did not go for expensive vacations. He did not use the latest gadgets. He squeezed the expenses of his family. Vansh did all this, so that he can accumulate enough money for his family that would make everyone's life enjoyable after the age of 50. He planned his last 20-30 years of life very strategically. He was able to collate a corpus of around Rs. 50 Crores. He did not know what corpus was enough for him, so he kept accumulating till he accumulated 50 Crores.

Vansh's planning was immaculate. He was bang on target. By the time he celebrated his 50th Birthday, he had more than 50 Crores in his kitty. He was getting excited for the upcoming life

That day, Vansh was coming home from a business meeting. He thought he would share this great news to his family and children, and then,
"Everyone would be extremely excited to know that we are going to live the life of our dreams. We dont really have to be conservative now. We can buy what we feel like, we can go on vacations where we feel like. We can truly enjoy our lives from today onwards."

Just as he was day dreaming, still around 3 kilometers away from his residence, he asked the driver to stop the car at a sweet shop. He wanted to celebrate this occasion with something good. He ordered for 2 Kg of his favorite sweet, and after 2 minutes, reduced it to 1 Kg, and then to 500g. "They cannot eat more than this." he thought.

As his car sped off from the sweet shop towards his home, his mind was already running into these exciting thoughts
What would the reaction of his family on listening this great news that we have accumulated whatever money we need to accumulate? What vacation destination they would chose? What would be his wife's and children's preference to eat out today?  

Suddenly, there was a huge bang, followed by a trembling vibration and he did not know what happened after that.

When he had some sense of realization, he was lying in a hospital, breathing his last. His car had met a serious accident. Driver did not survive. He was also ready to leave the body. The God's messenger had already arrived to pick him up. He could not believe this was happening to him. He saw his family crying besides him. Was he already dead?

"This is not as per the plan. You cannot do this to me." shouted Vansh at the God's messenger in his thoughts.

"As per whose plan, sir?" God's messenger was patient, very polite and humble.

"As per what I planned." came the reply from Vansh.

"But Mr Vansh, this cycle of life and death does not go as per what you plan sir. This is planned by the creator. I am just his messenger, and I am following his plan."

"But I worked my entire life to enjoy these days, and you are now taking these days away from me."

"Cannot help it sir. I am extremely sorry."

A shroud businessman that Vansh was, "OK, here is the deal. I have 50 Crores. I will give you 25 Crores. You let me live my life for another 1 year. At least, I can make some use of the money I earned."

"I don't understand what is money sir. For us, time is the only currency. And you have no more time left with you. So, sir, you need to come with me."

"OK OK, relax. forget 1 year, give me 1 month at least. You see, I did not enjoy all these years with the assumption that I have to live till 70 at least. I mean, that's the average human age. It is unfair not to give me my fair share of age."

"I am extremely sorry sir. I cannot help you. You were allotted only 50 years of time, and your time is up. You need to come with me." God's messenger was adamant.

"OK fine, this is a steal of the deal - Take all the 50 Crores and give me 1 week, just 1 week - I want to spend some time with my loved ones. I have never spent time with them till now. I was so busy. I want to hug them , play with them, eat with them, love them, see them in their faces, smile with them, cry with them, dance with them, sing with them, go to movies and restaurants with them. Please understand. - Your God cannot be so merciless and arrogant."

"Sorry sir, I cannot do this. God gave you 50 years of time to just do that."

"OK, please, give me 1 minute, 1 second at least - let me have a last look at them at least." Vansh was crying and begging by this time.

"Extremely sorry sir, you need to come right now. Time is of utmost value to us. We cannot give you even a fraction of second more. I know that most of the people on earth spend a lot of time to earn money but they forget that the money was there to enjoy with their loved ones. They get stuck in a rat race. Some smart people "buy back" their time by accumulating enough money - by reaching a state called as Financial Freedom. Others have no clue how much more they need, and they just keep accumulating money. But the sad fact is that Time is the only thing that matters. Lets go."

God's messenger takes Vansh with him. His body lay there in the hospital - his soul's time being over.

Remember, that time is the biggest asset that we have, simply because it is limited. We do not even know what that limit is. The limit may just be getting over today, tomorrow. We do not know. So, if you are not spending a lot of time with your loved ones, or not planning to buy back time, you might be left with a currency called as money that has absolutely no value outside this planet.
Take a wise decision. Invest in the right currency. The fictitious currency called as Money could not even buy one single moment of the real currency called as Time.

Live your life with gratitude today. You woke up today with another 24 hours in hand, Not everyone did. Be grateful that he allocated you the time currency. Use this currency to love your family, love yourself, love everyone around you. There is limited time to love and share your happiness. Use it to the extent feasible. 

The book Happiness Unlimited shows you many such lessons to lead a happier, contended life.