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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Its time to Fly !!

This is the unabridged version of my parting letter to my company colleagues before I achieved Financial Freedom. I did circulate a smaller abridged version within the company colleagues and friends on the last day...


After 2 years of internal tussle, my heart finally defeated my mind. I decided to quit "working for money" and move on to fulfill bigger priorities in life.

Monday will be my Last Working Day in Any Job. IBM is the longest I have worked with a single company (close to 10 years)...and that tells how employee-centric the organization is. I wish every IBM-er I have interacted with, great success in future !!

For now, my inner calling is driving me in a different direction. It is time to fly !!
I will be focusing my next 10 years of life on 3 clear goals:
a) Planting a lot of Trees.
The mostly barren and dusty city area where we live, will no longer be the same after 10 years. It will be lush green with birds chirping around.
b) Spending a lot of time with my kids, before time sets us apart. 
Being a proud parent of two fairies, I realize that they are with us for another 6-10 years. I want to serve them, play with them, study with them and during all this time, inculcate such life values in them that they can accept any challenge of life with open arms.
c) Writing books 
This passion, driven from my internal calling, has helped me elevate thousands of lives so far. I want to continue to write many more life elevating books, and touch as many lives as I can.

Everyone says it is a bold decision to leave a well paying job and not joining anywhere else. To me, this seems the most logical and obvious decision for every human being. Because I believe that we earn money to "live" our life and not the other way round. And LIVING to me means spending great time and creating unforgettable memories with our loved ones and friends. 

Yes, we do have financial responsibilities towards our family, but that is just one side of the coin. Is a parent's responsibility only to provide financial security to the family? What about inculcating the right values and creating strong relationship with your children? And if we agree that right values have to be taught and strong relationships need to be nurtured, then both the parents have to spend considerable time with their children. And that's exactly what I have done - I have "earned time" by compromising on "more money" for my family.

Many people may already have the required corpus to experience Financial Freedom but, unfortunately, they don't seem to visualize any other possibilities in life. Their mind has been focusing on money since long. Only Financial Freedom can set it free - free to think about grander possibilities in life. Freedom is treasured by those, who have experienced it at least once.

Whatever be the corpus you are able to accumulate, taking the decision to quit a well paying job and with no other source of "active" income, might still need a push. And my biggest push has always been the fear of regret. I absolutely do not want to die with a regret of not having tried what my heart called out for.

You might occasionally be getting this inner calling too. You might also be thrashing that 'stupid' calling by creating a wall of your own excuses. And this is quite understandable. Because what you see all around, is a mad race to earn money. No one knows why they need to earn more? No one knows how much is enough? No one knows what they want to do with that money? They are doing it because everyone else is doing it. And everyone else is doing it because everyone else has been doing it since time unknown. This is such a typical herd mentality.

My experience has taught me to never follow the herd, simply because we do not where the the entire herd may be headed. Each one of us is unique. It is natural that we chart out our own unique path - our unique story in this life time ... a story which our children must feel proud narrating it to our grandchildren.

So, if you have a repeated inner calling to learn guitar, do organic farming, play professional tennis, run marathons, open your new venture, start teaching in a school, do social work, write books, be a professional speaker or dancer or musician or actor - don't thrash those thoughts. You have been optimally designed and architectured by the almighty to work on those areas. Just give these 'important' thoughts some breathing space. Nurture them a little bit everyday and see where they can take you. There will surely come a time in your life, when they will start driving your life....as they have started driving mine.

As far as I am concerned, its time to quit this rat race and utilize my biggest asset (my time) to fulfill my 3 bigger priorities of life. I hope to catch you soon, at some other stage of life - for now, its time to fly !!

Stay in touch.


Manoj Arora

Not to mention, there were hundreds who responded to the above call of Financial Freedom. How many will actually go on to take the next step and prepare their financial plan will depend on the power of their dream and how badly they want a more meaningful life.  

As Warren Buffet puts it, "Living your life as per your own choices is the secret to happiness."

If you want to experience the bliss of life post financial freedom, then you must plan your financial life well. Nothing worthwhile happens easily, or by chance. 
I am there to help you. No charges, No constraints, only freedom..for it is my mission in life.

You can write to us at help@manoj-arora.com or connect with us at any of our social media connects in the signature below.

For now, I will leave you with a couple of farewell snaps from my IBM colleagues. They made the entire occasion unforgettable and something to cherish for the rest of my life.


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Cheers and Love

Manoj Arora
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  1. Excellent !! I wish , I too write a letter like this very soon ...Superb one Sir ji

  2. After completing 32 years in SBI, I too have submitted my papers to quit from the rat race from 01.07.16 to spend quality time with mu kith and kin.

  3. After completing 32 years in SBI, I too have submitted my papers to quit from the rat race from 01.07.16 to spend quality time with mu kith and kin.

    1. This is so good to hear Chidambareswaran.... Time is our biggest asset which we must use to create magical memories... Happy to be your friend...

      Manoj Arora

  4. It is an inspiring article! Thank you for sharing it.


  5. Sir, quitting such a dream job is a very big thing.It needs lots of courage and well planning.

  6. Sir, quitting such a dream job is a very big thing.It needs lots of courage and well planning.

    1. Dear Paragrenu !!
      you are right. It does need planning and courage. The courage comes from the strength of your dream..That is why it is so important to nurture your dream every day..
      Cheers friend, and have a wonderful life ahead !!