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Saturday, April 30, 2016

What made us rise to Amazon Top 100 (All Genres)

Today, we are 1 month in Amazon Top 100 (all genres).
It has been just 15 days short of 3 years. In May 2013, we launched the book "From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom". And when a first time author with no background on writing, no marketing budget, no experience in this industry, tries to push through a jungle of books and authors, he is bound to feel helpless, especially in a country where 200+ new titles are launched every single day !
In such a case, what can take a common man's book to the Top 100 List....??  Read on...

3 years back, we started slow, but sure. We knew our limitations as a first time author. We did certain things which most people would recommend you to do...
  • Honesty and Integrity was our first ingredient. Every single word of the book is truth, is based on my own real life story and is therefore practical and real. Every single promise we made in the book and over thousands of calls with our readers - we made sure we honored it irrespective of the consequences. 
  • We went on to create our blog (Elevate Your Life) and started posting regular posts. We shared insight knowledge to manage money better, Slowly, the hits started to increase. Hundreds of subscribers came and registered. (Subscription Link)
  • We connected with the audience via all social media connects, be it Facebook, Whats-App, LinkedIn, Twitter, GoodReads, QuoraYouTube, Google+ etc. People started to appreciate and follow us everywhere. 
  • We created our mission statement and explained to people that we are not here to sell the book, but we are here on a specific mission. We started with a mission to elevate this society from the madness of this money earning rat race to doing something more meaningful in life. People started to look up at us. 
  • We started personally coaching freedom seekers over telephone, face to face meetings, seminars, and workshops. Till date, we have personally coached more than 1,200 freedom seekers and helped them plan their financial freedom. There are, of course, hundreds of thousands of others, whose lives have taken a different path after reading the book. People were getting inspired. 
  • We did not charge a single penny for all this mentoring and coaching in the last 3 years, and we never intend to do so. People started to get serious about our mission
  • We showed everyone, by example, that it is possible for anyone (yes, anyone) to leave this mad race to earn money and rather make your money work for you. People listened and applauded.
We did so much more. But above all of this, there was one thing that always helped us to cling on during tough times. That was a 'never say die' attitude, a relentless pursuit of our mission in life - that helped us stick on for 2 years and 10 months before the results started to show up. It could have easily taken even longer. We may just have been fortunate enough to have got the results in less than 3 years. 

What is going to help you stick on for such a long period? It cannot be money, It cannot be fame. It cannot be your wish. It cannot be even your dream. It has to be a single minded focus on the mission of your life. 

And how did our mission help us survive these tumultuous time? Here is how:
  • When the mission is to help people and elevate lives, then how do the sales of the book matter? And when the sale count does not matter, tough days do not disappoint you. And trust me, you will have many such days - many more than you can  even comprehend today.
  • When the mission is to bring as many people out of slavery, then why would we charge anything for such a cause? And when you do not charge for your services, you serve much much better, since the intent is to help, and only help.
  • When the mission is to elevate our society and our nation, then where does the book ranking come in? And when the book ranking does not matter, you sleep a comfortable sleep that night when your rank was pathetic but you were still able to help someone.

Yes, it does not matter to us even today as to where the book is currently ranked, even though it may have breached Amazon Top 100. What matters to us is how many people's lives we have impacted, and just to that extent, ranking may be just one more parameter to judge the extent of lives we have impacted, since we know we are reaching out to more people. But that's all about it.

We acknowledge the love of all of you in making this milestone happen. And the same is slowly turning out for the 2 other books we have launched over the last 3 years - Happiness Unlimited and Dream On.

We understand that we could not have achieved anything of our own. We also know that we will thrive and survive in Amazon Top 100 or for that matter, anywhere else - only as long as we are true to our mission, and do not divert from the path. We know that we have to stay grounded.

But hold on, here is the most fundamental fact - the fact why we know that our mission will survive all obstacles - yes, all obstacles. 

And the supreme fact is that it is simply not "our" mission. We have been sent here on this planet, with a purpose, and HE is driving it. And as long as HE is driving it, we are completely relaxed, because it is HIS responsibility to get this done - the way HE wants to get it done. And when you are relaxed, it is not only the reward, but the beauty of the journey that gives you a feeling of bliss and boundless happiness.

When people become free, and when the blind competition of this madness ceases, people will rise and their inner good qualities will naturally come to the fore. When this happens, many more will all start contributing in their own special way to elevate lives around them. Our society will be elevated, this nation will rise, and this world will become a better place to live.

I see this happening - not sometime in future - but in this very lifetime. It is possible, because it is HIS reason for sending us to this planet, and for a change, HE cannot be wrong.

Cheers to all who are working on their dream and not working for another weekend, for life is not that week or that month repeated 'x' number of times. Life is much more. Every life has a purpose, which needs to be understood, discovered and then lived. Let's Dream On.

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Manoj Arora
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