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Thursday, November 24, 2016

9 Life Lessons from the book '11 Minutes' by Paulo Coelho

"11 Minutes by" Paulo Coelho is an amazing story about a young girl from a Brazil town with big dreams who finally settles down in Switzerland as a prostitute. Book does have some beautiful moments that describe how we look at love, sex, happiness, and possession.

I, hereby, list down the 9 Life Lessons that i learnt from this awesome book. These learnings are worded and appended in a way that makes it easier for most of us to understand and absorb.

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So, here we go with our 9 Life Lessons from this book that influenced me immensely.

(1) Life is a roller coaster and GOD is in charge. Make the best use of your journey even when the roller coaster is at its bottom. You are in safe hands.
Irrespective of the situations you face, understand that you are in safe hands. When He is incharge, you got to acccept every situation with the glee and happiness that it deserves. It all comes down to the level of faith you have in HIM.
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(2) Life presents a big crisis before revealing itself in its most beuatiful form.
Failures, Setbacks are just wonderful opportunities to learn, to grow and realise your internal strengths. They are remniscent of beautiful things to come.
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(3) Doing mistakes is as much a part of life as avoiding them. You may not get a second chance to do the same mistake, so, go on, give it a shot.
Wear failure as a badge of honour. Take pride in having tried something new - something which not many have tried. Lead a fearless, and not a failureless life.

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(4) Human beings can withstand a few weeks without food and water but not a moment of loneliness. They need to be loved and cared for. Not being cared for, is the worst of all tortures and worst of all sufferings. Universe only makes sense when we have someone to share our feelings with.
Happiness is experienced by sharing happiness. You, your family, friends and your loved ones - these are the most important people in your life who will help you increase your happiness content. They will leave cherished memories. Spend enough time with them.
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(5) What is more important - Prentending to live OR living your life? Forget about what others think about you and your way of living. Live your life the way you like it.
You are the only person who can judge whether you have had a succesful life or not. No one else has either the rights or enough information to judge on your success. Live the life the way you truly want to live, without bothering an iota about what is going on in someone else's mind.

(6) Passion is something that makes you forget to eat, drink, sleep or any acts of survival. It is such a strong force that it burns and destroys and demolishes every traditional habit that comes in its way. This is what makes people uncomfortable also. Many people, therefore, thend to keep this in check, for the fear of disturbing the “comfort” of their lives.
Passion will make you come out of your comfort zone. It will make you do things that you never thought were possible. It will convert you into an extraordinary person in front of this world - something that you already were inside.
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(7) The most important experiences of a man are those which take him to his or her limit. To learn beyond that, one needs to accumulate all the courage and expand his limits. Sex, pain and love are all extreme experiences. Dreaming big is another such extreme experience.
Dreamers experience things that non dreamers do not. A Dramer can start to think and act in a way, which may not be considered 'normal' by the 'sane' world. But remember that it has always been these dreamers that have changed the course of the world by breaking through the limits. Rest have only followed the path shown by them.
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(8) Pain is also a part of the natural process. Anyone who has been associated with sports knows this. If you have to achieve your dreams, then you must accept pain and discomfort as a part of your daily dose. It is a part of the process of feeling good. You know that an exercise is having an impact only when it has a share of its pain.
Pain, Failures are a way to build you up..to prepare you for the next challenge, to elevate you as a person. 

(9) People are driving all around, walking all around, heads down, to office, to school, to business, telling themselves that they have a dream but that dream can wait just a little longer. How long, even they dont know, they have no plan.
People have dreams but no time to plan for their fulfilment. Their dream is perhaps not strong enough yet. They got to plan so that they spend a better part of their life living their dreams than just thinking about their dreams.
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Hope these life lessons will help shape up your thought process tosome extent and help you lead a better life.

Don't have time to read the entire book? 
Then, you can read the crux of some of the best selling books ever written.
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Manoj Arora
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