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Sunday, January 09, 2022

New Book: Foops! Promo Video Released

Foops! is that moment in your financial life which awakens you to the areas where you have been going wrong all this while. It not only shakes you up, it also prompts you to take corrective action, in order to get back on track. 

Get set for surprises. Get set for you ooh, aah & aha moments! Get set for your Foops moments. 

I am all set with Foops! - my best attempt so far. 

About the Book

Sprinkled with real life examples and charts based on the journeys of thousands of financial freedom seekers from across the globe, Foops! will awaken you to your financial mistakes and encourage you to take corrective action.

Its simple, its logical, its contrarian, and it hits you where it hurts the most - on your mistakes. It shows you the financial mirror. It dares to show you your mistakes, while we know that humans do not like to believe that they have been doing it wrong all this while. But mistakes, as they say, can be your best friends - if you learn from them and take massive action.

That is precisely what Foops! does. It shows you where you have gone wrong, and then gently guides you to not only take short term corrective action, but also build long term habits so that these mistakes are never repeated in your financial life.

What makes it even more unique?

Most books that are written from the author's perspective. Foops! is just so different in every aspect. Foops! is not only about my perspective, my mistakes or my learnings. It is a shared perspective from thousands of journeys we have seen unfolding in front of our eyes. As they say, life is too short to learn from our own mistakes and set everything right. We must get smarter, and learn from mistakes that others are doing. So, go, grab, learn, and start setting your financial life in order.

Go ahead and book your copy before it gets wiped off the shelves.

Promo Video

So, here we are with the promo video for Foops! Enjoy !

Key Dates & Links

We have moved from the pre-ordering stage to the ordering stage.
We are all set to launch the book on Feb 13th.
The book is now available for ordering (both Kindle and Paperback edition) at Amazon.

Orders Now:  Click here to order

Order: 25-Jan-2022

FB Live Launch: 13-Feb-2022 (Register here for the launch)


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  1. My Best Wishes to you Manoj Sir . Wishing this book to vanish from Shelf within seconds . And thank you for sharing your knowledge with all :)

    1. Thank you Snehal. I hope the book drives you to action

  2. Congratulations in advance. Must be a best seller

  3. would it be possible to disclose table-of-contents and if possible some pages snippets? that would help guide us for serious buyers

    1. Yes, would be available after 25th Jan

    2. Given that it is Manoj Arora , I am pretty sure that it will be high on value & i wouldn't think twice in ordering it 👍🏽

    3. Thanks Prashant for all the faith. I am confident that I won't let you down.

  4. Great Sir. Your Autobiography of a stock is also an excellent book. Regards. Manish

    1. Thanks Manish. Happy that you liked the stocks book. Foops has been my best attempt so far.