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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Kalpavriksha - Beyond our Neighbourhood !

Kalpavriksha goes beyond the Janak Puri district. In a first for us, two volunteers from Hari Nagar district approached us for tree plantation and we did the needful, with glee. We cannot thank enough to our biggest individual contributors : Shwesh Rehani and Mukesh Kathuria - though each small contribution had its own impact.

What are we targeting?
To plant 1 Million Trees in NCR Delhi. We are approaching our target of 100 trees before start of this monsoon season. 

What had we done before this post?
  1. 52 Trees
  2. 4 Locations (all within Janak Puri Area)
  3. 4 Volunteers
  4. 1 Leader
  5. 25 Donors
  6. 95% Survival Rate (2017) [In 2016, Survival Rate was close to 50%]

What have we done to spike the Survival Rate?
  1. Planted trees which are at least 2 years old
  2. Fenced each tree 
  3. Tagged a volunteer for each tree

What we did in Hari Nagar today?
For the first time ever, we moved beyond Janak Puri. Two volunteers from Hari Nagar heard about us through word of mouth and contacted us. After following all the required processes, we planted 10 Amaltas variety of trees in Hari Nagar. 

Here are our two volunteers - 
Mrs Vinod Sharma
She is a home maker but so passionate towards trees that she ensures that the park adjoining their house is well kept. The residents have come together under her leadership and they all collect funds to ensure a cleaner greener environment.


Mr Gurjeet Singh
Mr. Gurjeet is passionate and aggreessive, as most Sikhs are. But he is just channelising all his energies in ensuring that nature gets what it so truly deserves.

Age and religion are no bar in this industry - for we are just trying to pay the rent for having taken so much from our Mother Earth.

Snaps of some of the trees we planted in Hari Nagar will soon be available on our upcoming website.

What makes us unique?
  1. The entire framework is easily replicable. Anyone can join our framework, follow a well defined process, and start his or her own mini NGO.
  2. Anyone can be a leader - at peer with all other leaders - thus avoiding any hierarchy within the organisation. This makes us easily expandable - with no constraints of distance.
  3. Transparency of funds - Each leader can collect funds and is bound to display the book of accounts online for everyone to have a transparent look. No leader can accumulate more than INR 10,000 at any instance. Funds need to be utilised first before collecting more.
  4. Anyone can volunteer - You can volunteer to take care of a certain set of trees if you do not want to lead in your area.
  5. Anyone can donate - You can donate if you do not wish to be provide your services as a volunteer or leader.
  6. We do not just plant trees. Our volunteers ensure that they survive for at least 3 years - after which they are in the lap of Mother Nature.

All these unique features gives us that edge. These give us the potential to plan for our target of 1 Million Trees in NCR Delhi.

Upcoming Website to open unlimited possibilities for everyone
As we are getting ready to launch our website for Kalpavriksha, this will open up unlimited possibilities for each one of you:
  1. You will be able to track each tree online - via the Tree ID that each physical tree will be labelled with.
  2. You will be able to donate online, and track your donation online. Find where are your funds going. Get a certificate of donation printed online.
  3. You will be able to nominate yourself as a leader of Kalpavriksha in your area
  4. You will be able to nominate yourself as a volunteer of Kalpavriksha in your area. You can call us - we will get the trees planted in your area, get them fenced, explain you the process - and then you can just take care of the trees.
So, get set as we leap forward on this beautiful journey - in line with our mission - to leave this planet a better place than what we inherited.

What we seek from you
  1. Your best wishes. Every wish counts. We need you to bless us.
  2. Like and share our facebook page.
  3. Share your ideas to help us grow faster.
  4. Donate whatever you comfortably can (any amount - even 1 Rs. is valuable). Approximate cost for a tree sapling with a small pot and tag is INR 125.

If you wish to donate
You are already a part of this Kalpavriksha revolution if you have shared your good feelings  and wishes with us. Congratulations !
Additionally, if you wish to donate financially for this cause, you can donate by using ANY ONE of the following options:
  1. Transfer via PayTM to mobile number : (+91) 9871133619
  2. Transfer via UPI to the virtual address : 'elevate-your-life@icici'
  3. Transfer / Deposit to the bank account no. 007101022399 / IFSC Code : ICIC0000071 / Manoj Arora / ICICI Bank / Savings A/c / Green Park Extn. Branch

Share this post with your friends and well wishers. Our children deserve a much cleaner air than what we might give them otherwise. Be a part of this amazing million tree revolution called as Kalpavriksha.


Manoj Arora

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