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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

14 Winning Smashes from the book 'Playing to Win' by Saina Nehwal

"Playing to Win" by Saina Nehwal is a journey from her childhood to schooling to playing and winning the topmost international tournaments across the globe.

I, hereby, list down my Top 14 learnings from this awesome book. These learnings are worded and appended in a way that makes it easier for most of us to understand and absorb.

So, here we go with our 14 winning smashes from this book that influenced me immensely.

(1) As much as winning is sought after, losing is also an integral part of the game.
In fact, losing is the only thing that is going to teach you and take you a notch higher. Losing or Failing is not only an integral part of our life but also an essential element to elevate our lives.
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(2) The players age or rank does not count beyond a point. 
Beyond that point, its your dream, your passion, your zeal, your 'never give up' attitude that takes over.
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(3) When you look back from a winning position, you tend to forget all the toil and slump.
Absolutely you do. If you are struggling hard today, remember that the struggle is a part of the process to take you to the winning position, and from there, it really does not matter how much you had toiled.
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(4) You need to believe that you can win irrespective of your opponent. For that, visualization is very useful.Visualization is what takes you to a world that is still to be. And there is immense power in our sub conscious mind. If we visualize something with all the belief, the job of our subconscious mind is to manifest the same in reality.
(5) We Indians are making progress in every tournament. We are making it difficult for our opponents and that's the point media misses when they say that India lost a specific game.

(6) I couldn't keep explaining myself to everyone. I must focus on my game and the game would do the talking.
Losing is an integral part of the game, but as long as you are learning, its fine. You do not have to explain your failure. Just listen in to all the negatives, accumulate all the negative energy and then use the power of your dreams to transform the same into a humongous positive energy for you.

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(7) If through my efforts, there are youngsters who can today consider badminton as a viable career, I am ecstatic! If they can dream of reaching the top, my success has been worthy.
There will surely come a stage in your life when your success is not restricted to your own life - it starts to elevate many more lives around you. That is what will make the success worthy of celebration.
(8) Parents should start enrolling their kids in sports early, preferably between the ages of five and eight, to recognize their children’s potential.

(9) I recommend that children study as much as possible. Sports-persons’ career spans are limited and they will need to be employable once their sports career is over.

(10) There is a certain responsibility that comes with success and I have learnt that one is never fully prepared for it.

(11) I am not the most talented player in the world or in the country, but I have made up for what I lack in talent with hard work, commitment, and focus. I think that this combination works no matter what you do in life. 
You can develop any skill to any extent, provided you love what you are doing. And the logic to this is very simple. If you love what you do, then you will work extremely hard without even realising the extent of hard work that you are putting in. The work will never feel like any work. It is just these extra hours of love that you put in for your art that separates you from the rest.
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(12) Finding something you love to do and giving it your all is a great life mantra to have.When you have found what you love - your passion, then there is no looking back, no second thoughts, no confusion in your mind. Then it is just focus, determination and hard work.

(13) Having Dreams is a positive sign of progress and of creative minds
Dream Big, Achieve Big - Change the world around you.
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Dream On

(14) Education is as important as sports

Have you experienced some of these earlier? 

Do you have more such Lessons in life which can spark great results? If yes, write to me, and I will update my blog with the ones I feel go well with the topic.

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  1. Nice summary and yes I can relate to the points specially 1, 10, 11, 12.
    Cheers Manoj Sir.

  2. Thanks for sharing such a nice summary.