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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

What is your Karmic Bank Account Balance?

Creating a beautiful destiny is, and always was, in your hands. You are even creating it right now for you. Your Karmic Account Balance directly defines your destiny. Just if we understand more about this aspect, we can lead a happier and fulfilling life...

"Dad, it was Natural for me to give him back. These kind of people understand only this language. I don't think I did any wrong here."
My daughter, Arushi, was justifying her shouting at a repeat defaulter of school homework. 

Arushi is a sweet little girl who has been made a Prefect this year in her class, and she doesn't take this responsibility lighter than any of her academic work. She does ensure that the class discipline is passionately followed by everyone.

"Of course, you have all the right to take necessary action on the defaulters. That's your duty to ensure that class discipline is followed. I am just a bit concerned with your getting angry." 
I commented, trying to explain her the softer side of this world.

"Oh c'mon Dad. That's just so natural. If I would not have shouted, she would have continued to default in her school work. And now that I have shouted, by tomorrow, all her homework would be absolutely up to date."
She justified back, like a taskmaster.

I did not blame her. So many times, all of us, including parents and teachers, are guilty of setting the wrong examples. I did not want to oppose her. But I was keen to somehow tell her that there has to be a better way....a more compassionate way - not only to deal with the defaulter, but more importantly - to deal with ourselves.

And then, this idea clicked me.

Next day, I took my daughter to the bank. 

"Dad, How much time will we take here?"

"Just 10 minutes. I have to withdraw some money from my bank account. You remember that I lost my wallet and watch to the thief yesterday?"

"Oh yes, you mentioned about this yesterday during dinner. How much money did you lose, Dad?"

"Around 10,000" , I exclaimed.

"Sad, but cannot help it."

"Yeah true..... I want to talk to the Customer Relationship Manager." 
I asked the receptionist at the bank branch.

"There in the blue tie..sir.", promptly responded the lady pointing me towards one of the tables.

There were two chairs in front of the Manager Desk. Both of us sat down, and I started talking to the Manager..

"You see, yesterday, I lost Rs. 10,000/- to a thief and I would like you to get the same refunded to my Savings account so that I can withdraw the same."

Not only the Manager raised his eyebrows and offered a smile, Arushi was equally puzzled at this statement. 

"Sir, I can surely help you withdraw some money from your account but I am really sorry, I cannot help you recover your lost money." remarked the Manager with a very polite, yet firm voice.

"Why? Why you cannot get it refunded? What is my fault in there? The thief has done something illegally. I am not asking you to pay this money from bank's pockets. You must get the money from the thief's bank account and credit that back to my account...What's the problem in that?" 
I acted tough.

"Sir...I am really sorry sir...That's not feasible at all..In fact..I am sorry to say this, but this sounds so absurd. We have no control over his account. Please try and understand sir." reverted back the manager.

"But he was at fault. He has done an illegal act. Why should I pay for it? I want this money to be credited to my account. You tell me who is your supervisor. I will talk to him". 
As my voice raised and heads started turning towards our table, Arushi pulled my arm and wanted to whisper something in my ears.

"Dad, What are you doing? Everyone is watching. And this sounds absurd to me as well. Your account has nothing to do with the thief's account. How can the bank do anything about it, irrespective of who is wrong..You have lost the money means you have lost it. You cannot give theft as an excuse. Please...don't take this any further."

I got up, smiled at the Manager, shook hands and walked away with Arushi - straight out of the bank.

Arushi stopped me just outside the bank premises even before we could reach our car parking.

"Dad, What has happened to you? Why did you do all this?"

"Sweet heart. I am really sorry if you were embarrassed. I was too..."

"But why did you do all that?"

"I am really sorry, but could I just could not find a better way to explain you on why you should not have got angry on your school defaulter yesterday."

"WHAT !! What has that incident to do with your theft?"

"You see, as you said, My Bank Account has nothing to do with the Thief's account. How can the bank do anything about it, irrespective of who is wrong? I have lost the money means I have lost it. I cannot give theft as an excuse."

"Yes, I said that, but how does that relate to my school incident? It is so confusing Dad..."

"It is not confusing. It is just about perspective. You see, We all maintain our 'karmic accounts' just like our bank accounts. Each one of us have this karmic account. We keep some points in each of the Karmic Accounts, just like we keep money in our bank account. We keep adding more points when we do good 'karmas' and some points are deducted when we do a bad 'karma'. But here is the most important point. Each one of our accounts are independent of each other. So, our karmic account balance is updated based on what we do...independent of why we did it."

"OK, an interesting correlation, but I still cannot fully relate it to the incident that happened in the school yesterday."

"So, when your friend defaulted, that was 'her' karma - and her account would be debited for that. And when you got angry, it is 'your' karma - and your account would be debited for that. Both these account balances have no correlation, though you kept telling me that you got angry 'because' of her."

"Hmmm....I got it to some extent Dad, but karmic account is also so different from your bank account. I can understand the importance of having a good bank account balance. I can use that balance to earn more money and to buy the things I want to buy. But what do I do  with a good Karmic Account balance. What use is it for me?"

"Excellent question, Arushi..You really think deep."

"No flattery Dad, tell me the answer."

"First and most important point. Our bank account balance will not go with us when we die, but our karmic account balance is tied to us and is carried forward in our next births as well. So, any investment in our karmic account is truly a 'long term' investment. Second, all these positive karmic balance converts itself into a beautiful set of situations in life - something we recognise more easily by our 'luck' or 'destiny'. The more is your balance, the luckier you are."

"Oh wow...This really sounds very interesting. But what is the evidence of whatever you are saying Dad? How do I be sure of what you are saying?"

"You have to experience it by doing it. You have to believe in it and then try it out yourself. I have no physical evidence to show you, just like there is no evidence that I have to prove the existence of God."

As we reached our parking lot, and were about to enter our car, we see that someone had put a dent in the car and gone. Both of us looked at each other, and smiled. We communicated through our eyes. That karma of denting our car is negatively impacting that guy's karmic account. But we fiercely defended our karmic account balance from coming down, by not being angry at this external trigger. 

And as we sat in the car, Arushi summed today's interaction very well : 
"What they do is their karma, What I do is my karma."

We did a high five.

Life will always create triggers, situations and incidents that may induce us to behave irrationally, but always remember that what we do is our karma - irrespective of why we are doing it.

Open up your arms, accumulate positive karmic points and get set to welcome a great destiny !!

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  1. Great explanation, Manoj. Thanks for bringing this perspective to me. Well that said, I have a question to you. What happens when someone does not react when some injustice happens with him. Knowing that the person who hurt him need not get hurt in return, hoping that the person will understand him some day and move forward? Does the Karmic points have any impact?

    1. Dear Friend,
      You have asked a brilliant question, which holds the key to most of our life handling skills.
      Here is the key : "the person who hurt him" is not a valid sentence.
      No one hurts us. We only hurt ourselves.
      Even though there are triggers created externally from people, situations and objects, but the 'hurt' is our own creation.
      No one, absolutely no one, can go inside me and create thoughts of hurt or anger. It is we who create it for ourselves.
      And we can learn the art of defending our happiness by not creating thoughts of hurt or anger, life can be so much more beautiful and fulfilling. Yes, this needs practise, and there are lot of tools available for that. (Book : Happiness Unlimited holds many such tools for daily practise)
      Once we can defend our happiness, we have definitely created some positive karmic points.
      Cheers buddy !!
      Manoj Arora

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi Manoj, I heard this exact message from a close friend too. The trouble is sustaining the level of happiness. After a whiel, the mind slips back in the past, and thoughts get aggravated and loses all the happiness in self. Which I sometimes feel as bipolar disorder or so, I know it sounds weird. I will read the "Happiness Unlimited" book, which I had not read after purchasing it. May be it is time to read it! Like they say, everything happens in life for a reason. So I am positive to read and put into practice using the recommended tools. Thank you!

    1. Sure Nithin...
      It will slip back...many times...many times more than you can imagine...

      This is a self transformation journey. One lifetime may not be enough. Keep patience. Keep trying...Keep improving...Keep becoming better every day. Of Course, use the tools, but remember that there is no disorder, have no guilt. You are transforming something that has been established during many births...It is not going to be easy, but the journey of transformation is going to be the reward itself.

      Do let me know if we need to discuss on any specific topic after you have read the book.

      Cheers Nithin..

  4. Thanks a lot for such a great information. It's really wonderful and awesome...

    1. Thank you Emily for the appreciation...Happy that you liked it.