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Thursday, January 07, 2016

16 Inspiring Traits of Winners from "No Limits" by Michael Phelps

"No Limits" by Michael Phelps is a book for Dreamers, for those who dare to think big and believe in what they think.
Michael Phelps is currently a record-holding swimmer who won 8 gold medals in a single Olympics. He has broken many world records, won over 20 world championship medals and around 16 Olympic medals.

I, hereby, list down the Top 16 of my learnings from this epic book. These learnings are worded and appended in a way that makes it easier for most of us to understand and absorb.

So, here we go with the list of 16 of my Book Lessons from this book that influenced me immensely. 

1/ Do something in this lifetime that no one has ever done before.
That is how he made his goal to be the best Olympian ever. Dream big. Learn from new obstacles and challenges. Transform yourself.

2/ When I was in school, a teacher said that I would never be successful. Things like these stick, and then motivate you. 
Yes, they do. Negativity around you can push you into a corner OR can pull you out of your comfort zone to break the shackles and write your own destiny. It all depends on how you tackle the power of this negative energy. 
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3/ Nothing is impossible, and because nothing is impossible, you need to dream big dreams. 
What you achieve is decided by the size of your dreams. Keep no inhibitions in your mind. Dream big, because nothing is impossible. Nothing is unattainable. You need to break the imaginary wall of excuses that you have created around yourself. Ask "Why Not" more often to yourself. Challenge your abilities.

4/ The will to succeed is everything.

5/ In a weird way, my broken leg gave me a sense of urgency which later on proved to be a big positive for me.
A setback usually comes with a negative mask but is usually there in your life to transform you, provided you are willing to learn and accept the fact that it is mandatory for you to face setbacks, if you have to elevate yourself. 
Every setback is a little nudge from GOD for you to Dream On higher in life.
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It is only after you have transformed, and you look back at your life in retrospect, that you realise the importance of those setbacks in your life.
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6/ You can't Dream up confidence or self belief. Confidence is born of demonstrated ability. 
To gain confidence, action - rigorous action - is mandatory. You have to be on the ground and try it out. Once you have achieved or are close to achieving or are improving, you start getting confident about yourself and your abilities. There is no other way. There is absolutely no other short cut. Your ability has to be demonstrated on the ground. You just cannot acquire confidence via mere visualisation or dreaming big or reading about successful people.
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7/ I never ever train against other people. I train myself to win against the clock. I never aimed to be the best athlete ever. I always aimed to be the best athlete I could be  
Competing with others is a sure shot recipe to create stress for yourself, and also to put a limit to your potential. You can enjoy a blissful life with achievements far exceeding anyone else only if you win against the clock.
What do great champions like Tiger Woods say after any event - I was good in the last round, I could manage the last lap pretty well today... Not like... I was worried whether I would be able to beat him
Great champions have no competition. They are always competing with themselves.. And that's where they are always focused.
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8/ Attitude, Action, Achievement (AAA) - That is the order in which you can expect to achieve things. You are going to  be an Olympic gold medalist in Attitude long before you have a medal around your neck.
Your Attitude in life determines your Altitude. That's exactly how important Attitude is. Give it any lesser priority, at your own peril. Your mastery and achievement in your craft is mandatorily preceded by your mastery in Attitude and then a mastery in your action. It is only after that you can think of achieving something extraordinary.

9/ People always step up and do things out of the ordinary at the Olympics
The environment in which you perform creates a big impact on your own performance. In marathons that I have been personally running every year, we call it as a "Race Day Magic". Keep yourself in great company so that you can brush your thoughts with the greatest around.

10/ Set your goals high. Then work rigorously every day to achieve them
Setting your goals is very important. But the challenge only starts there. It is the day to day work that you have to perform to achieve your goal that is going to test you. Focus on the daily routine, the daily process and do it consistently to achieve your goals. Hard work, skill, patience - all are important, but daily consistency is the key.

11/ Greatness comes from longevity
It is good to achieve your goals. But the journey from Good to Great comes only if you achieve them over and over and over.......again and again. You have to go out and prove that your achievements are not fluke.

12/ I tried to do something bold at Athens, and failed. But it is trying that matters.
Achievement is important, but trying is what is vital. Achievement is not feasible without trying while vice versa is not true. You do not learn when you achieve, but you learn and improve only when you go out and try.
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13/ It takes time, energy, heart and soul to get things done. If I was sometimes not in the right mood to practice, I had to get myself in the right mood.
How you feel is how you think, and how you think is 100% in your control. No situation, no person, nothing outside you can impact your thoughts, unless you allow it to. If you are not feeling like chasing your goal today, then change how you feel by changing what you are thinking.
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14/ To focus, understand "WIN". "What's important now". When challenged and stretched, understand what is important now
You may be deep in shit, but being there, forget where you were earlier in favourable times. In that tough situation, you must focus fully so that you can come out of it. Do not keep comparing it to your earlier situation. Focus, Focus hard on your current situation and think about what best can be done now. Do not waste time. What is important now is what will matter later. A champion can deal with any kind of pressure under any circumstances.

15/ No one is more important than anyone else to be treated any differently
We were all born equal. We had our fair share of opportunities. Though we achieve different levels of success, we play an equally important part in the drama of life, and in the success of others. No one can achieve anything of one's own. Everyone needs immense support for success, and therefore everyone has an important role to play.
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16/ However difficult your goals may seem, there is nothing that is not possible, as long as you keep dreaming on the possibilities (after winning the 7th gold at Beijing by 1/100 th of a second) 
Never let anyone tell you that anything is impossible. Because nothing actually is. 

Have you experienced some of these earlier? Do you have more such Lessons in life which can spark great results? If yes, write to me, and I will update my blog with the ones I feel go well with the topic.

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