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Thursday, June 04, 2015

Enjoy The Differences

The perspectives can be different, the intent could be different, the goals could be different, the person himself / herself could be different.... But that is where the beauty lies - in the differences that we carry. When my daughter encountered this strange phenomenon while doing her science holiday homework project last week, she learnt a few lessons on life... read on...

"You gotta help me Dad. My science project in this holiday homework is something where I need your help."
Harshita seeked help with a little concern on her face.

"Sure, lets do it over this Saturday." I remarked.

Harshita was supposed to prepare a project which would show the power of the force between two magnets - force which can push or pull a model car on its track depending upon the pole with which two magnets face each other. She had already prepared a wonderful track with a lawn on the inner side on a big cardboard sheet. She had also fenced both sides of her awesome track with poles, ropes and buttons - to enable the car to stay course on this wonderfully laden oval shaped cardboard cutout.

"Dad, how does the track look?"

"Awesome baby."

"Now, the main part. How is my car going to move just with the help of a magnet?"

"See, you have to first understand the characteristics of a magnet and one of the main characteristics of a magnet is that like poles of two magnets repel each other and unlike poles attract each other. So, if you stick one magnet on the car and bring the other magnet with an opposing pole in front of it, the car will get pulled by the majestic magnetic force without anyone touching the car."

"OK. Sounds very interesting. And you said that unlike poles attract?, I thought it should have been the reverse. Why should poles which are not like each other attract each other? It sounds absurd to me."

Now, over the last few years, I have been used to such debates. She was tempting me to dwell into this concept to our day to day life. And the temptation was big enough not to give in.

"That's how nature is baby, and that's how it always has been. It always pulls unlike things towards each other. And this concept can actually explain you so many things in life."


"You see, thats the reason why a couple who have varying interests are often attracted towards each other, a flower with varying colors looks more beautiful than a flower with just one color, a color contrast in your dress or the color combination of the wall in our house looks gorgeous. Unlike things always attract and the combination always is awesome. That is nature."

"OK Harshita, tell me, which is your favorite color?"
I continued.

"Pink", snap came the reply.

"Imagine if everything in the world was of your favorite color. Would it be great?"

"Should be?" She responded.

"Think again. Think more. Think deep. How would you feel if your copy, paper, pencil, book, table, chair, walls, floor, roof, your dress, bag, school building, bus, car, sky, trees - everything was pink. How would life be if there was no color other than pink? As per me, life would be painfully dull and boring. It is the contrast and comparison of differences that makes us realise the importance of pink color.
The differences are created for us to learn more, appreciate more, and become wiser in life."

"Hmm...I am getting it."

"And this is when everything is of your favorite color. Imagine if everything was of someone else's favorite color like yellow for me, and you hated that color."

"I am getting it Dad. So, thats why there are trillions of colors in the nature itself?"

"Yes, of course." I gave her some think time. There was silence, and then she connected this to life - and how beautifully.

"So, is that why my sister is so different from me? So that I can learn a new perspective of from her?"

"Of course, and so that she can learn from you, and so that we all can enjoy the beauty of differences between the two of you and between all of us. That is the reason. Each individual on this planet is unique and different. Expecting someone to be of the same nature as you is killing this awesome creation of God."

"How can you say that everyone is unique?"

"Look at your fingerprints, and look at mine or your sisters or your moms or anyone else in the world. - Do you find any two fingerprints the same? No, you will not. You are sent here absolutely unique and so is everyone else - Learn to enjoy this difference."

"Understand Dad...now I know why opposite poles attract and I am sure I will never forget this characteristic of nature ever in my life."

As she was walking away, her elder sister came running in the house.
"Harshita, where did you keep the badminton shuttle?"

"Dont remember Sis"

"How can you not remember? I never forget such things. How can you forget? This is not good at all, Harshita."

Instead of debating on who is right and who is wrong, Harshita smiled and said, 

"Sis, we are different, we are unique."
Seeing a puzzled face on her sister, Harshita said "Come, I will explain you...See this magnet......"

And it was heartening to see that a small child can learn so quickly and even pass on the message to another human being so efficiently. Or may be, this is a unique quality of hers, for she is as unique as anyone else on this planet.

Accepting the differences, rather enjoying the differences, is a unique way to prevent happiness leakage - whether between your close relationships or in the world around you. God created these, and we must learn to enjoy his creation.

The book Happiness Unlimited shows you many such lessons to lead a happier, contented life.


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