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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Creating Positive Chains - A Social Service Sitting at Home.

Over the last few years, during my interaction with thousands of my book readers and fans, I realised that there are so many of them who want to contribute to the society and the world around them, but are unable to do so for lack of time.
So, for all of you, who want to be a part of this change and impact our society positively, here is a simple way which my daughter recently learnt....

"Happiness is not only in feeling happy but also sharing your happiness around you. It is simple. When was the last time you felt good?" I asked my daughter.

"When I was appreciated by my school teacher in front of all the children." She responded without any hesitation.

"Right, and what has been the best incident or the most positive incident in your life till date?"

"When I worked hard and got Rank 1 in the class."

"And when you learnt that you got Rank 1, what was your first thought that was making you happy?"

"Well, I was happy thinking about the fact that I will come and share this wonderful news with all of you at home."

"Right, and how were you feeling all the way from school to home?"

"Very excited to share the news with all of you."

"Exactly, that's the point - It is not only the incident that triggered happy thoughts, but also the fact that you get to share your happiness with your close friends, family and relatives which triggers further happiness."

"Right Dad."

"And then what happened when you shared those positive thoughts with your family?"

"Well, they also felt happy about it, and of course I was appreciated and felt good."

"Great, and then what do you think would have happened to them?"

"I assume that they would have felt the same happiness sharing this news with their friend circle."

"You are right baby, and the chain continues in an exponential form."

"So, what are we trying to say Dad?"

"Here is what I am trying to say. Sharing positivity around you keeps you happy and excited. But the chain does not stop there. This excitement and positive energy spreads positivity to the people with whom you share the news. The chain continues further and makes the world a better place to live. Unfortunately, it is exactly the same with the negative news."

"So, what can we really do about it?"

"We can bring a very big social change if we truly understand and appreciate this concept."

"Social change?"

"Yes. We don't need to open NGOs, we don't need to bring in any kind of other revolutions. We can bring a massive social change and make this world a much better place to live in, just by making sure that we make efforts to share positivity all around us. It is that simple, but it needs a change in our fundamental habit of pressing the 'share' button on positive things and avoiding the 'share' button when we encounter negative situations or incidents."

"I am getting it somewhat."

"And in today's web enabled technology, sharing is perhaps the easiest thing to do. Remember that all this was not easily feasible just a decade back. But today, it is. So, the next time something makes you feel happy - a video, a book, a blog, a true story - don't just stop there and smile or take pride in it. Do not just learn yourself. Take responsibility, share it among your friends, and a chain will get started."


"And if you see a murder, a political blame game, or a natural disaster, try and calm yourself down and desist from sharing it, unless it has the potential to save someone's life."

"Super. I get it."

"Start as many 'positive chains' as you can. Get busy creating these 'positive chains'. Create so many of these positive chains that it explodes into an ocean of positivity. You may not realise this immediately, but you are definitely positively impacting someone's day or life with your sharing. Not only that, by the law of karma and the laws of attraction, what you give is what is going to come back to you. So, get set to receive great things in life as well."

"And Dad, what do we do with the negatives that come to us?"

"Just forget the negative chains. Stop the negativity right at you. Completely ignore them. Because as soon you ignore it, the chain dies off at you, and cannot grow any further. If most of us can do that, soon their will be a time when the positive chains will completely outnumber the negative chains. It is like a nuclear reaction. It just becomes uncontrollable after some time."

"Got it. I have to go Dad, and meet some of my friends urgently. Thank you for your wonderful advice."

"No problems darling, But why are you in such a hurry? Is everything fine?"

"No, everything is fine Dad. Your concept of creating 'positive chains' - this itself is worth sharing and talking to my friends...bye."

I saw her race past through the lane and mingle among her group of friends. She was in the center of the group and others were listening, as she was trying to convey a message. As I saw her create her own 'positive chain', I was just thinking that our moral responsibility as a citizen of the country, as a responsible member of this society and as a global citizen does not end by just keeping ourselves away from the negatives, and surrounding ourselves with the positive. If only we learn, the chain has stopped at us. We also have the onus to take this forward and spread more positivity around. The positive chains have to move on.

Sharing of positive information deserves much more attention than it is getting now a days. What becomes the headline today is not if someone saved somebody's life. Rather the breaking news is if someone took someone's life. We need to change that, and the change starts with each one of us, with me, with you.

Let us get going right now, and with every click, let's initiate our 'positive chains'.

The book Happiness Unlimited shows you many such lessons to lead a happier, contented life.


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