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Sunday, September 28, 2014

14 Questions To Make You 'Beware of the Obvious'

Rev 1 : 11-Sep-2017
We all were born different. And we all will die different. 
But some sanity may prevail in our lives if we make an attempt to answer some of the "common sense" questions - questions which tend to challenge the obvious that we see all around us. So, here you go with a set of 14 questions that you must ask yourself. You do not need to answer them right away. Answer them when you are alone and at peace....

1) What is more important? Getting a new car, a bigger house or staying in the same old apartment using the same old car, but spending that additional money to take care of your old parents, and making them feel good during the sunset years of their lives - taking them to places they always wished they had seen when they were busy setting up your career and your life and time flew by, making them experience dishes which were unheard of in their generation, getting them online and helping them use the latest gadgets and apps - connecting them back to the world. Remember, these are the ones who sacrificed their health and wealth to make you reach where you are today?

2) Is your child's Parent Teacher meeting less important than your workplace meeting deadline? Why? Don't you often say to your spouse and even to your children that you were earning money and working hard only for them? If that is truly the case, when will you walk the talk? When will you realise that perhaps, they do not need more money from you. They just need moderate money, but seek a lot of time from you - to discuss their silly problems and share their stupid jokes. Do you have that time for them? Or, in their disguise, you are running a rat race to satisfy your own ego?

3)  What do you choose? Pursuing your career in different cities, working around the globe as a high profile professional - or enhancing your relationship with your spouse and your children by spending more time and increasing your level of communication with them? Fame and name for the sake of the world - or time with the people who matter most in your life - some day, you will have to make a choice. I just hope you make the right choice before time runs out.

4) Can the development of the critical first few years of your child - when he or she is shaping his or her value system - be left to a house maid? The food that you and your family eat - should this be left to a maid servant OR should one of you prepare it with all the love and positive vibrations - because it is this food that everyone in your family is going to consume. The vibrations of the food are going to be consumed, along with the calories and nutrition. Don't you think that these vibrations are going to create an impact?

5) Can you compete everyday and still develop strong friendly relationships at your workplace? Or are those relationships as fictitious as your work? Will they truly last beyond your working tenure? Are you sacrificing some other important relationships for the sake of these?

6) How will you get prepared to tell a moral story to your child every night if you were already exhausted by the immorality at your workplace? If you have already drained off all your positive energy and enthusiasm to politics at your workplace or the cut throat competition, do you really feel you can come and impart positive energy to your family in the evening?

7) Is it important to earn and earn and just earn? What for? How much money is enough money? Have you asked yourself if you have already earned what is enough for you to survive for the rest of your life? Are you now earning just because everyone around you is? How wise it is to sacrifice your health to earn money and then spending money in an attempt to earn back health?

8) What promises you made to your spouse when you were getting married? Are you fulfilling those promises? Or you are one of them who believe that love wanes with time?

9) Do you truly know what your child wants from you? Money or time? What does your spouse want from you? Bigger car, bigger house or more time?

10) What happened to your hobbies? Photography? Biking? Running? Swimming? Playing Guitar? Reading Books?...Or you have left all these for a time when your body may not fully support you, when your children would have gone far away, when your parents may have departed for their heavenly journey, when there would be hardly anyone to listen to you.

11) Have you kept your Passion and Profession separate? Have you ever imagined how life could be, if your passion also happened to be your profession? How beautiful each day would be? It is definitely possible. 
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12) When will you spend time with your kids? Next year? After next promotion? After next order? Really? Check your past and see if you have actually made more time every passing year? Or less? How many more years you think your children are going to be with you?

13) When will you spend time with yourself? When will you run, exercise, do yoga, meditate, talk to yourself, understand yourself, or just fall in love with the beautiful you

14) Have you got mixed between goals and the means to achieve those goals? Do you realise that earning money and succeeding in your career was just a means to achieve your ultimate goal - to keep yourself and your family happy. Has career and money become your goal rather than the means?
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And here is the worst part.... 
You know the answers to most of the above questions. And in spite of knowing all the answers, you continue to do the 'obvious' - the obvious that you see all around yourself. That is because you either do not know what else you can do (in spite of all the 14 questions above) or you do not have the courage to challenge the obvious.  

Beware of the obvious. It can make you die ordinary.

Learn how to do extraordinary things in life. Rat Race can be exited by planning for it. You can earn both money and time in life by striving for Financial Freedom. It is not difficult. You don't have to be an entrepreneur or a financial wizard to do that. It is just common sense and applying basic wealth management principles. Of course, it needs discipline and commitment for many years at a stretch, but the fact is that it is possible to be financially free. This thought itself is so empowering. 

How you were born was never in your hands, but how you die is your own responsibility. Decide to die extraordinary. And beware of the obvious...


Manoj Arora


  1. Excellent article...Quite eye opener....Thanks for writing the article.

  2. Thanks for the nice article. Manoj do you conduct any seminar in Pune