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Thursday, June 07, 2018

Finding Your Passion

What are you designed for? What is that one unique art that defines you? What is that  one thing which will satisfy your creative instincts and quench the thirst of you, the soul? What is your PASSION? 
There are so many readers who ask us this question. They do not know what they are supposed to do in life, after they achieve Financial Freedom....
So, I thought about sharing my experiences with my passion.

Are you trying too hard?
Finding your passion is not about working hard and trying to discover your skills, and see which one earns you the maximum money or which one leaves you elated. It never works that way. It never works on the principle of making an effort to search something. The art of finding your passion is all about letting yourself be, without any constraints. It is all about leaving yourself free, about letting yourself lose. Just let your mind waiver around. Let it think and try absurd things - because they seem absurd only in the context of self created social barriers around you. Your mind is designed to get pulled towards its natural strength on its own, provided you do not interfere, and provided you let it.

How to go about finding your passion
Different people may use different techniques, but let me explain this in a way, which is easier for common men and women to understand, appreciate and practice.
Just sit alone in a closed room, in a comfortable posture. Switch off all the lights. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine that you have absolutely no constraints of family, children, spouse, parents, money, relationship, neighbours, health - nothing - no boundaries, no compulsions and absolutely no constraints. Imagine you are the only one existing in this universe. There is no one around you - absolutely no one. You do not have to go to job tomorrow. You do not need to earn any money. You do not have to take care of your family. You do not have to make anyone happy - neither your family, nor your boss, nor your neighbours. You do not have to influence anyone - because there is no one around you. You are all alone. You do not have to do anything as a responsibility. You want to do only what you enjoy doing. What would you do now?
Get back to your childhood days
You are free, 100% free to decide whatever you feel like, to do whatever you wish to. Now, go back to your childhood days. Why childhood only? Because that was the time when you had no apprehensions about anyone in the society. You were true to yourself. 
Imagine the things you always loved doing as a child - when you hardly felt any constraints. Imagine if there were actually zero constraints in life, what would you truly love to do? Just try and visualise what you like doing - something whose act of doing, and not the end result, gave you immense happiness and satisfaction. Just forget about its money earning potential and ignore what someone will feel about it. Just talk to yourself and find your own special answer - an answer which your soul knew all the way, but you might have asked it to wait - wait for the right time or opportunity to occur in life. 

Today is the day
Alas ! That time never came so far. But, trust me, this is the time. This is the opportunity.  Today is the day. You must sit there in the room, trying to discover what you always loved. This opportunity, this day, might again get lost in the jungle of expectations and needs of life. It might not ever come back to you again. Find your answer. Your heart knows it. Just follow your heart - without applying your mind. No logic please. You have to let the universe do the magic, and you please take a back seat and watch it happen. And Magic does not work when you start applying logic.  By definition - magic is illogical. 

Can you see? You loved those vacations, just roaming around the beach. You loved taking photographs - some of them you took were exceptional and everyone praised it. You loved dressing up well - even the girl or the boy in your neighbour kept looking at you. You loved playing badminton or tennis or cricket - those memorable shots that still resound in your memory. You loved computers - that special code you built. You loved to make notes in your copy - and the quality of language or handwriting which got praised. You loved working on an excel. You loved math - and the tricks that come along with it. You loved cycling - and the power it instills in you. You loved collecting stamps or coins - and you had one of the best collections in your locality. You loved the greenery, plantation - and you protected a plant when no one cared. You loved teaching your younger sibling, You loved being alone and talking to God......The point is that you always loved something more than everyone around you. You just loved the act of doing it. You just loved spending your entire day doing it.
You are designed for that thing. You are meant to do only what you loved. Rest everything is fictitious and not fulfilling to your soul.

Money will follow
My friend, in this act of doing what you like, you can, and you will, always find a way to earn money as well - the way I found it. I am so sure about it because when you do something you truly love, you automatically become so good at it that money has to follow you. Ideas will germinate like grass on a rainy day. You can easily convert them into money. But remember that money will always be secondary, but the act of executing your craft will give you a blissful life ahead ! And what else was money anyways supposed to be doing for us than giving us a happier and satisfied life?

Passion Vs Profession
So many people will come and tell you that you do 'x' for profession - probably because it has more money earning potential or more name / fame.. and you do 'y' for your passion, because you like doing it. The biggest mistake that you would ever do in your life is that you keep your passion away from your profession, or that you could not convert your passion into your profession. You will lose at least half your life just earning money, if not more. What you were not told was that massive money will follow only your passion. It might be slow, dead slow initially, but it will only keep increasing - because when you are passionate about something, you automatically become the best. And the best in their field are always paid the best !
When I could do it, why can't you?
I converted my love for green into a Tree Plantation NGO : Kalpavriksha. I converted my ability to make good subject notes in my school days into writing bestselling books. When a common person like me can do it, why can't you?

I am all ears. Hope to hear your passionate story one day !


Manoj Arora

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