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Sunday, July 01, 2018

The Ultra Successful Delhi Book Launch of 'The Autobiography Of A Stock'

Star Studded, Packed House, Interesting Debates, Probing Questions, Fun, Excitement, Happiness - that is how I would sum up the Delhi Launch Event of our book 'The Autobiography Of A Stock' which got launched on 23rd June 2018...Read on...

The Venue
Exquisite and prominent India International Center (IIC), Lodi Gardens. Located within the lush green ambiance of Lodi Gardens in Delhi, IIC venue was just the ideal place to get the book going !

The Book
The Autobiography Of A Stock happens to be my 4th published book. The book was soft launched on 23rd April and was already in the elite club :
1/ Amazon selected this book as "Amazon Best Reads" for June 2018 - a rare feat for a book just 2 months old in the market. Only Top 5 books from every genre get picked as Amazon Best Reads - every month.
2/ Amazon has selected this book as 
"Amazon Best Reads" even for July 2018 - second month in succession !
3/ The book already boasts of a 4.9 star rating on Amazon.
4/ It has been consistently listed among the Top 50 All time Business Books on Amazon.

Chief Guests
The launch event was graced with some of the elite leaders from Delhi. We happened to have two chief guests on the panel to have a meaningful discussion with the some lovely audience.

Mr. Shrikant Sinha
CEO - NASSCOM Foundation
Through his unique perspective and diverse and rich experience spanning over 28 years, he has taken NASSCOM Foundation to newer heights and helped it create much larger impact

Mr. Aunindyo Chakravarty 
Ex Editor-In-Chief NDTV
Mr. Chakravarty has worked as the editor-in-chief of NDTV’s (New Delhi Television) Hindi news channel, NDTV India, for 9 years (2009-17). 
He was part of the senior editorial team that launched NDTV’s business channel, NDTV Profit in 2005. He was also NDTV Profit’s Managing Editor from 2012-17. 

The panel
Three of us (myself, Shrikant and Aunindyo) formed a discussion panel and Punam John (our dashing MC) was firing questions at us - one after another - not giving us any breathing space at all. We loved it, and hopefully the audience loved it too...

Some of the Questions that were debated
I remember some of the questions that Punam fired at us, on behalf of the audience - and we indeed had a very healthy discussion on each of them..
1/ Did your parents talk to u or educate you about stocks?  Were stocks a part of dinner conversation?
How was your first experience in Stocks?
What is your view when the word Stock Market comes to your mind - lot of wealth, risky, disaster, opportunity - what are the first few emotions that come to your mind? And why?
Is it money which pulls you towards Stocks, or there are other pull factors too?
What do you think is the single biggest factor that leads to people making losses in stocks?
6/ What is the biggest challenge you have before investing, after investing in stocks?
Can a common person, who just understands very basics of finance - like many of the audience sitting here, get into stock market with fair amount of surety?
Mutual funds also invest in stocks and are driven by so called experts. Don't you think it is safe as well better to invest in the market via mutual funds rather than stocks?
With things like big data, AI and advanced analytics do u think it's getting safer and predictable to invest in stocks? Do u think this will increase the risk appetite in people?
If you had to share one secret mantra on stocks, what would it be?

Participative Audience
The audience was extremely participative and posed counter questions to the point put forward by the panelists. A happy, healthy debate indeed.

Packed House
The packed house saw healthy debates, and a wonderful interaction. Many children were inspired to become investors from a young age. Many naysayers decided to give the stocks a shot.

The Formal Book Launch
And then, it was a proud moment for me to invite my parent sup on the stage and help the panelists launch the book. The pride on the face of my parents was worth all the pain that I might have gone through while bringing the book to this stage. Years of pain just vanishes in a minute of redemption.

Hope you enjoyed the event blog post as much as we did during the actual hosting at IIC. Love you all !


Manoj Arora

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