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Sunday, January 14, 2018

[Guest Post] 7 Habits of Ultra Happy Beings

By observing happy people around her, our first time guest blogger, Jaishree found 7 common habits across all these happy people. 
Let us see what Jaishree has to share with us...

Habit 1 : They are not People Pleasers
Being a “People Pleaser”? - Quite often, we get stuck with catering to the demands of  others. I learnt that happy people  are good at saying “NO” and being assertive with their decision. They were politely assertive. As Paolo Coelho says in one of his books – “When you say ‘yes’ to other people, you shouldn’t say ‘no’ to yourself.” 
When you say ‘no’ to yourself, you feel disoriented and empty instead of being happy. If you’re too nice, caring, and considerate and try to please everyone around you, it may be draining and stressful. It’s good to be kind and helpful but not at the cost of your own priorities. Happy People understand that they can't please everyone all the time.

Habit 2 : Opinions of others is just that - An Opinion   

I learnt that Happy people are undoubtedly caring, but at the same time, they don’t bother much about what others think and say about them. They value their instinct, knowing that opinions are not constant and they keep changing. They know what is important for them. They realise that what others say is just "an opinion" and not a reality.
Happy people are modest enough to acknowledge the self-effacement to accept the grain of truth in what people say. They use this to encourage their own happiness and wisdom. In the society we live, majority of people are into the business of forming opinions and judgments about others. Truly happy people, do not care much about estimations.

Habit 3 : They know their Priority List
I learnt that Happy people know what and who are the part of their priority list. They do make adjustments and modifications to the list, but only based on priorities. Besides, there are countless things that demand (or to be precise distract) your attention. It could be a notification from Facebook account,  an approaching project deadline, due date for a bill or insurance premium,  and many more - not to forget your spouse' anniversary day. 
Happy people take a break, think about their life and responsibilities and then decide what is really important to them. As they say, "If everything is a priority, then nothing is."

Habit 4 : They take incredible care of their body as well as mind

I learnt that Happy people take incredible care of their body as well as mind. They realise and appreciate the fact that they could have the most incredible job, family, and network but if they don’t care about their overall wellness, then none of this incredible stuff is sustainable in the long run.  
They eat right, rest well and give enough time to their well-being. I have seen them taking small naps to recharge themselves when needed, conserving some of their hobbies, writing or reading about the topic that energises them, and even volunteering to recharge physical and mental batteries, as it enables you to support, liberate, and save themselves.
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Habit 5 : They know how to use money for happiness   
I learnt that Happy people know that money alone cannot buy happiness, but it can be a shipshape tool for happiness when spent on things that bring them longer lasting happy feelings such as family holidays, charity work or even outsourcing the tasks which they are unable to perform at their own. 
I recently got the chance to take up an online course on Science of Happiness where I learnt that We’re never satisfied. We always think that if we just had a little bit more money or time, we’d be happier. However, what remains a fact is that once your basic needs are met, a lot more money doesn’t necessarily make for a lot more happiness. So, after a point, it is not bout earning money, but spending it right - that can certainly bring happiness to you. Money can help you find more happiness, as long as you know what to expect from it.
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Habit 6 : They take out time for themselves

Having set their priorities right, they know that having time for themselves is one of their top priorities. I learnt that Happy people know that no one knows them better. They spend time with themselves - pursuing their hobbies, reading, reflecting, traveling, meditating, playing and in many others ways which make them feel grounded and where they also grow as a person. 

This is how they become more compassionate, creative and self-aware. This habit not only makes them a better person, but they also learn to create and respect their own strengths and values - thus enhancing their self esteem and self confidence - a trait which gives them an unmatched edge over everyone else around them. 

Habit 7 : They choose to be Happy

I learnt that Happy people realise that happiness is a distinct feeling. Surely, they understand that there are philosophies and practices that help, but only they can know where their growth, journey and path needs to be. Happy people live the way they live because life is short, beautiful and valuable and so is happiness. They live more in the present moment than the grudges of the past and worries of the future.
No one in the world wakes up with the feeling of happiness each day and extremely happy people are no exception. They just persistently appraise their moods and choose to be at peace with the everyday situations which may pull them down.

Are there any happy practices that you have observed among seemingly happy people around you? Do share them.

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(Guest Writer)
Official Website

Jaishree is "Happipreneur" at Get Set Happy. 
A multi-passionate entrepreneur, compassionate, creative-writer, confident, nature lover, animal lover, an observer, and a traveler on path to self discovery. 
Jaishree is focused on raising Happiness level and simplifying life. 
She believes in the philosophy of 'Love to Live. Live to Love'.
You may write to her at 'getsethappy@gmail.com' or visit her website at http://getsethappy.com/

Disclaimer : This is a guest post. The opinions expressed in this post are the opinions of our guest writer, and we may or may not agree with all of them.


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