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Monday, August 04, 2014

Why should you read books - like mad.

A journalist once asked Sachin Tendulkar, "With a bowl coming at 100 miles per hour on a 22 yards pitch, how do you decide which shot to play in a fraction of a second?"
"We cannot decide. We are trained not to apply too much of mind at that time." came an honest response from one of the greatest batsman the world has ever seen.

"Its just not possible. What do you mean when you say you cannot decide and you are trained not to apply too much of mind?" asked the surprised journalist.

"Well, as you can pre-empt, there is not enough time to really 'think' of the pace of the ball, curl of the swing, the possible rotation and revolutions of the ball, the probable response from the pitch after pitching of the ball, and host of other factors like humidity, wind speed, wind direction etc. 
To think about all these and then feed all these inputs to the brain which will then search from a repository of possible shots and return the best possible shot is a time consuming affair. 
Moreover, even if the brain decides fast enough, we have to then let the body act in consent with the decision taken by the brain, which consumes further time. 
All these can very rarely be done before the ball reaches us."
explained the batting maestro.

"Then what do you do? I mean, how do you then play the ball as per its merit?" a curious journalist was eager to know the answer.

"We are all trained to practice, practice hard, practice non stop, practice with varying bowlers, with varying speeds, with varying bowling actions, on varying pitches, in varying environmental conditions. This enormous practice automates our brain nerves and slowly the brain functioning becomes automated." Sachin gave some valuable insights.

"Automated? What does that mean?" a still visibly confused journalist seeked further clarifications.

"Yes, just like your car driving skills become automated after a few years of non stop practice, the decision to play a particular stroke becomes automated after a few decades of practice. Of course, the more we can practice, the more the mind can automate the sense organs and build bridges to execute the commands faster." Sachin's explanation enlightened the journalist.

It was a wow moment for the journalist.

And this applies so well to our every day lives. If we have to stay positive and let our mind generate positive elevating thoughts everyday, then what we really need to practice this day in and day out. The best way to do this practice is to to surround ourselves with all kind of positive media - books, audios and videos being a few of them.

Books are one of the prime resource to surround our self with positive content. With the right kind of books in your hand, you will have the rare opportunity to brush your thoughts with the best and the most successful people across the globe, spanning across many centuries from across the globe. This experience and thoughts can be life changing, apart from being positive and elevating. When you read enough, and read all variety of positive authors, on variety of subjects, from different time spans, your mind automates your thought generation mechanism - and starts creating positive thoughts automatically - without you making too much effort, and without going through the entire thinking process.

To automate yourself into positive thinking, read positive books like mad.
And as it said, 
A person who does not read is no different than a person who cannot read.

One of the better ways to do this everyday practice is the usage of destiny cards
You will find a host of Destiny Cards in the book - Happiness Unlimited. 
These destiny cards, if used the way it is recommended in the book, will slowly and  automatically wire your brain to think positive...always !!

Need help in understanding more about how to use Destiny Cards and start thing positively in life?
Write to us at help@manoj-arora.com


Manoj Arora

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