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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Healthy Breakfast for your mind.

However fond you may be of junk food, morning is a time when everyone prefers to have something relatively healthy. This is what our body craves for. Surely, a good start to the day is half the battle won. But wait...What do you feed your mind for the morning breakfast?...Who cares...Read on...
While you took care of your body by giving it a healthy diet in the morning, did you take enough care of your mind in the morning? We know that the food that we intake has an impact on our overall physical health. Similarly, all the information that goes inside your mind through each of your sense organs has an impact on the quality of thoughts that it creates.

It could be what you watch, read, hear, sense, touch, feel - everything is going in - and impacting the thought generation quality of your mind. These inputs are like a raw material going in a factory. If the quality of raw material is not good, you cannot expect the finished product out of the factory to be of top quality. Similarly, if these inputs to your mind are not healthy, then you cannot expect the factory of your mind to generate top quality thoughts.

As it is said, "To capture someone's mind, engage all the sense organs". This is what happens when you watch a movie, especially 3D or a 4D movie now days. Once all the sense organs are engaged, mind is completely focused on that particular thing.

When you wake up in the morning after a good six or seven hours of sleep, your mind is very fresh and clean, ready to create new thoughts. It needs raw material to create thoughts and is just like a new blotting paper - ready to absorb inputs. So, what kind of inputs to do you give your mind in the first one or two hours in the morning? Definitely, you want to give inputs which the mind can absorb and create excellent quality thoughts. But what do you actually feed in? It is either newspaper or TV news channels. Just sit back and analyze for a moment as to what do you read and listen about through these first few inputs. You will be alarmed to see that most of the inputs that you fed your mind was related to terror, violence, hatred, natural calamities, accidents, corruption and the list goes on and on.

So, your fresh mind, which had the best absorption capacity at this time of the day, gets all these "wonderful" inputs as a raw material for thought generation. So, in the evening, if your child is late by 1 hour from the school and you cannot connect either with the school or with the child, you know what kind of negative thoughts your mind would be creating. Every negative thought that you create sends out a negative energy, which harms you first - both physically and mentally, before doing any other damage.

So, here goes in all the information (food) and your mind will create equivalent thoughts (energy). In IT industry, we usually refer this scenario in technical parleys with a term called as GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out). By the way, your thoughts just do not only remain as thoughts. Thoughts are those seeds that go on to create your destiny, and if this is the quality of thoughts that are getting generated, you know what you should expect as your destiny.

What is the solution? What should you do if you have to change your destiny? You will have to go and change your thoughts. And what do you do to change your thoughts? You will have to go and control the information that you are feeding to your mind through all your sense organs.

A very simple practice like avoiding newspapers and news early in the morning (first 1 to 2 hours) and instead listening, watching or reading something positive and pure, can bring about a great change in the quality of your thoughts, bring more peace and serenity to your life and hence impact your destiny in a positive manner. I am not asking you to stop reading the newspaper or listening to the news. There is no harm keeping yourself abreast with what is happening around the world. I am only asking you to postpone it to the later part of the day because we do not want to take all those kind of inputs during the first 2 hours of the morning. Is it difficult? Yes, changing a 20 or 30 year old habit is not easy. Is it worth it? Definitely yes.

You must fiercely protect yourself. Protect yourself and your mind from the negative toxic energy around you, the way you protect your body from junk food. Do not allow negative energy to just barge inside you and start impacting your life and your destiny.

My personal experience says that the more I am able to protect myself from negativity and engage myself in positive and constructive thinking in the morning (like planning for the day, thinking innovative ways to resolve your age old unresolved issues - whether at workplace or at home), the more amazing are the results.

I haven't read the morning newspaper before 10am since 2013. In fact, at our home, we do not subscribe a newspaper at all. Most of us read it online whenever we feel the need. This habit has helped us in 2 ways : 
(a) Negative news is not lying around casually in our house and our children having unwanted access to it. 
(b) You will have to make effort to go and read it - so you will read it only when you desperately need to.

Make an effort and change your morning breakfast diet.... for the mind!! You will be amazed with the startling results it can bring in your life.


Manoj Arora

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