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Friday, January 10, 2020

Financial Freedom Podcasts : An Open-Talk Show

We have been trying to reach more freedom seekers via various channels of communication - Podcasts being the latest one.
So, if you are driving to and from your work, or have a lunch break, a 20 minute talk could just turn your life on ts head. Go, Listen on..

The Financial Freedom Show

Podcasts relayed via the Open-Talk Platform are being done via a show that we run on Open-Talk by the name 'Financial Freedom With Manoj Arora'. So, go, listen and share. Let everyone get the taste of freedom. 

How can I listen to the entire show?
Click Here to listen to the entire show, and various talks within the show. The talks in the show are arranged in reverse chronological order. Listen, Comment, Share and seek clarifications. The knowledge lies hidden in the questions and clarifications that you seek out.

What topics are covered in the Show?
As of writing this blog post, the show has 3 Talks as below. Click on a specific topic to listen to the Talk on that specific topic.
1/ Introduction to Financial Freedom [~ 20 minutes]
2/ Wealth Management Principles (Part-1) [~ 38 minutes]
Wealth Management Principles (Part-2) [~ 35 minutes]
As simple as the topics may sound, their power lies in understanding and realizing the power of revisiting and following these simple and time tested financial laws.
More talks are being added in this show.

What further topics can be expected in this show?
We will continue to discuss about many more investment options, breaking some more myths around investing, and showing you the path towards Financial Freedom by talking about topics like Steps to Financial Freedom and discussing each Step in detail.

Can we expect other Shows on varying topics in future?
Other than Financial Freedom, we are going to host shows on equally vital topics concerning a common man and how anyone can elevate his/her life. Some of the future shows are likely to be on topics like:
1/ Happiness Unlimited
2/ Parenting (based on the upcoming book in March 2020)
3/ Dreams
4/ Stock Market Fundamentals

Have suggestions?
Feel free to write back to me at help@manoj-arora.com


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