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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Announcing 2 National Bestsellers, exemplifying the beauty of Delayed Gratification


There is something about delayed gratification that pulls a person desperately towards it, and pushes the other person out to the extent that one tends to hate it. 
The difference lies, perhaps, in whether you have understood how nature plays delayed gratification in every walk of life. 
Once you understand it, and start to love it - you will be the biggest beneficiary, as it unfolds its magic in your life..

What is Delayed Gratification?
As Wikipedia explains, Delayed gratification, or deferred gratification, describes the process that the subject undergoes when the subject resists the temptation of an immediate reward in preference for a later reward. Generally, delayed gratification is associated with resisting a smaller but more immediate reward in order to receive a larger or more enduring reward later. The ability to delay gratification is found to be linked to a host of other positive outcomes, including academic success, physical health, psychological health, and social competence.

Some Common Examples of Delayed Gratification
1/ Compound Interest that you earn on your financial investments is just one startling example of delayed gratification. When it starts to play its magic, it becomes unimaginably strong. And Einstein was no fool to call it as the 8th wonder of the world. Hardly any one can truly appreciate Compound interest, unless they have themselves experienced its magical powers.
2/ Any business person or an entrepreneur would understand the advantages of delaying gratification. Hardly any business gets profitable in the first few years. There is a delay, a lag, a time span, after which things start to turn, and a small venture turns into a behemoth.
3/ You do not become a subject expert of your domain in a snap. You ought to invest 15-20 years of formal education, followed by good enough work experience, with all moments of success as well as failure, before delayed gratification helps you to start churning in big money.
4/ A mother has to wait, and wait and wait for 9 long months before she can have a first look at the new life she has just given birth to.
5/ An architect understands that it may take ages to lay a strong foundation for a big building, before the upper structure comes up like a magic - one floor after another.
6/ A Stock investor invests, and waits, and invests more, and waits and waits before one can derive scintillating returns from the market.
7/ Ask a rocket scientist. Years and years and years of planning and tracking - before the beauty is fired, and rockets through into the sky, heading towards its magical destination.
8/ As we realised in Kalpavriksha, a tree may take many years of nurturing before it becomes self sufficient and starts to unfold its beauty.
9/ One may be married for many years, but it takes decades of understanding for the unconditional love to come to fore

Delaying the Gratification needs patience as its most salient central attribute. 
But patience comes naturally if you understand the presence of delayed gratification in all aspects of life, and appreciate the rewards to follow, if you allow delayed gratification to play out.

Twin National Bestsellers
Both our Finance Books - From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom (2013 launch) and The Autobiography Of A Stock (2018 launch) turned into National Bestsellers at almost the same time i.e. March 2019.

First book took  6 years to become a National bestseller
Some might feel that it is too long for a book to become a National Bestseller. Yes of course, it is. But then, delayed gratification needs patience. In these 6 years while waiting for it to reach this landmark, I am proud that I have dreamed big, lived bigger, and elevated so many lives to lead a worth-while living rather, than being stuck in the maddening corporate rat race. I worked hard (though it never feels so if you are working on your passion), became a better writer, worked more on my passion, wrote only what I loved rather than what sells, and kept improving.

Last book became a National Bestseller in 11 months
While I was engaged for 6 years allowing delayed gratification to play out, it did eventually play out - as it always does.
The last book 'The Autobiography Of A Stock' became a bestseller in less than 1 year. 
The magic is unfolding....and getting bigger by the day.

You need monumental patience to let delayed gratification play its role in your life. If you miss out, you would surely be missing out one of the biggest wonders of nature. Unfortunately, patience is the fastest attribute to be running out of a society which is not only fast paced but are looking at instant results.

One of the biggest examples of delayed gratification is how you nurture your children. 
As I am finishing off wring my next book on parenting, this is another amazing area of nature, where I am experiencing delayed gratification every single delay. Investing in children - with values, may not show any outcome for years and decades together - before children suddenly start exhibiting the traits you dreamed of  in them - with sparkling exuberance. They may even overtake your expectations, if you were patient  enough while imparting the skills, and were ready to wait with infinite patience.

Delayed Gratification is a natural phenomenon. Instant Gratification is just the reverse of it. Leaving you with a You Tube video to help you get a better grasp of these phenomenon and what role they play in our lives.


Manoj Arora