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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

'Autobiography Of A Stock' - the book is now available for Pre-Ordering at Amazon !

The wait is finally over !
The simplest, and the most powerful book ever on Stock Investing (Autobiography Of A Stock) now becomes available for pre-ordering at Amazon.
And that too at a special pre-ordering discount of 10% & addition cash back if you pay via Amazon Pay !
Read on to know more about the book...

Intended Audience of the Book
This book is intended for anyone wanting to generate 'long term wealth' by 'investing' in the stock market. Therefore, it is suited from the beginners to the so called 'Stock Market Experts' 

Synopsis & Story Line
[Wish to go through the story line in less than a minute? - Browse through the AOS Story-line on our Official Website.]
Over the last 200 years of Stock Market’s existence, investors in excess of 90% execute either loss making transactions or are sitting on a pile of investments waiting for HIS divine intervention to help recover their lost money. 
God’s idea of Stock Markets was to introduce a simple, powerful and highly predictable investment option which would enable the humans to get rich without the need for acquiring big financial degrees or the help of so called 'certified' financial advisers. But human beings, with their deteriorating emotions of greed, fear, biases, ego, lack of patience & faith, made a mess of this highly rewarding investment option. Today, a common man dreads of entering the Stock Market arena – forget about considering it as an inseparable part of one’s portfolio.
'Mr. Stock' finally has to intervene to not only teach humans on the basic technical principles of Stock Investing but to also embrace the emotional control and faith that must be practiced with this kind of investment. Mr. Stock decides to pick up a person from the planet who can be taken live in a stock market scenario, and handheld to success.
Gobind, the chosen lucky one from Planet Earth, is handheld by Mr. Stock on the entire process from screening & pre-filtering a stock, rejecting a few stocks, selecting & buying the right one, overcoming one’s own emotions during the entire roller coaster journey of holding that stock, and finally exiting the stock – all done 'live' in a 'real' market scenario, with real stocks, on real data, on factual dates - over a period of 17 months from 5-Dec-2014 to 28-Apr 2016 - teaching him 83 unforgettable technical as well as character enhancing lessons on the way. Gobind experienced that anyone following this God’s process is sure to succeed. 
This book – written by Mr. Stock himself - depicts the detailed interaction between Gobind and Mr. Stock – and in the process handholds the reader on being a successful stock investor for long term wealth creation.

Why should you get a copy of this book?
There are ample reasons for you to hurry up. All this has never happened so far in the history of writing books on the seemingly technical topic of Stock Market. Here are the Top 8 reasons why should not think twice before ordering your copy:
1/ 8 New Innovations
The book incorporates 8 (Eight) new Innovations - formulas and techniques. These copyrighted innovations are a first of a kind in the stock market arena. 
2/ Everything is Real
The book is jeweled with real examples, real numbers, and real stock situations - right out of my own portfolio. There is nothing assumed about the stock investment process. The process works and works practically.
3/ 20+ years of experience matters
The crux of my 20+ years of experience in the stock market, as well as 45 years of life experience, has been stitched in a beautifully crafted story form.
4/ Learning Stocks via a story
The story format of stock learning is also first of a kind - where Mr. Stock writes its own biography and in the process, teaches how humans usually handle a stock and what is the right process to do so.
5/ Simple & Powerful Narration
The lucid language and a simple story with real life examples are absolutely easy to understand and grasp. This will be, perhaps, the first book on stocks depicted in a simple story form - making finance easier than ever before.
6/ 83 Lessons to learn
There are 83 unforgettable lessons - each one supported with real data and real examples.
7/ A Cohesive Strength
This book forms a cohesive combination with our first book (From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom), which is already a national bestseller.  

Some Initial Reviews
It has been a privilege to share the draft copy of the book with some of the esteemed names in the financial domain, as well as some who have achieved astounding success sans much financial background. And the initial reaction has been overwhelming and gratifying, to say the least.

I always thought I knew a lot about stock investing, until I read this simple, yet eye opening book.
~ Yogesh Agarwal, Head Corporate Finance & CAO - NDTV

Congratulations on a wonderful book written in a refreshing (interactive!) style which is easy to read and comprehend. The lessons you bring out are very crisp and will help any investor to adopt  and for those  first timers venturing into the stock market this would provide understanding of basics without much of technical jargon! I am sure each stock would have their  own autobiography - look forward to these in future!
~ K V Narayanan, Vice President, Tata Consultancy Services

One of the rare books which is a perfect sync of Facts n Fiction..and successfully achieving it on a subject like stock investing is truly remarkable. 
~ Nishant Maitre, CEO & Cofounder - Tappet Box

The wisdom of the stock market has been captured in such a manner that those long term investors systematically following the lessons are far more likely to be rewarded than others. The IV-MP Factor is an important tool mentioned in the book and tracking the same would  help even seasoned investors. 
I have been working in the financial sector for about 30 years with experience in venture capital and investment banking in IDBI Bank Ltd. I have also been the Chief Executive Officer of SIDBI Venture Capital Ltd. I find that you have based your book on sound financial principles.
~ Ananta P Sarma, Executive Vice President- Investment Banking at IDBI Capital Markets & Securities Ltd

How to Pre-Order?
The Pre-Ordering link is currently available only at Amazon. You may click here to grab your copy of the book.

Those who would like to comprehend the crux of the entire book in less than 4 minutes, they got to watch out this video :

Stock Market Dictionary
One of the biggest challenge that so many readers face is the practical meaning of so many technical terms used in the field of Stock Market. In this very blog, we will be slowly building up a stock market dictionary through our various blog posts trying to explain the meaning of each term with real world examples. So, keep watching out for this space !


Manoj Arora
Official Website


  1. Dear Sir,

    I have pre-ordered on the first day itself. Eagerly waiting for the book to be delivered.


    1. Dear Sir,

      This book was delivered to me yesterday. I have started reading it. All concepts are explained in simple language. Any person with or without finance background can understand the concepts. Your goal to empower ordinary people like me is praiseworthy.

      Thank you very much sir.

    2. Dear Vithal
      Thank you. Would love to have your reviews at Amazon or Flipkart once you are done reading it complete.
      Btw, Did you get our mail on ELITE-100 ?
      If not, let me know

    3. Dear Sir,

      I have not received mail on ELITE-100.
      Yesterday, I have gifted this book to my brother and a close friend. I have ordered online and they will receive by this Sunday.

      Thanks and Regards,

    4. Cheers my friend...will send across the ELITE-100 mail to you. Also, would appreciate your sharing your reviews at Amazon, Flipkart and Goodreads.

  2. Is there a process to automate the stock selection process? How can we work out the stock selection process of calculating the many ratios? Been investing since August 2019. I have finally completed reading your book today and would like to implement them in the stocks I hold and the stock I wish to buy. Looking forward to your response. Thank you very much in advance.

    1. Yes, I got your email and have responded.