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Saturday, October 28, 2017

200 Trees Up for Kalpavriksha !

Dreams do come true. If one is passionate and working for a right cause, HE is always going to be with you.
Post my Financial Freedom, I started my NGO 'Kalpavriksha' with a mission to plant 1 Million trees. In our first year of operations in 2016, we had planted 25 trees. In spite of my best efforts, almost half of them couldn't survive until the next year. I learnt from my mistakes and decided to build a bigger team, with a very robust process framework. 
Soon, passionate individuals started to join in. We took a target of planting and nurturing 200 trees by the end of this year (2017). We achieved the target just a few days back - and that too with a survival rate of 98%+. Read more..

In 2012, in a small suburb in USA, when I was writing my first book (From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom), I decided a target of planting at least 1 Million Trees when I became financially free. We started working on this mission in 2016 and have come a long way forward - with immense promise for the future.

Our performance so far
Have a look at our performance since inception. I am sure you will want to give us a pat on our back for what we all did this year. In any case, we have given it ourselves :). It is immensely satisfying to the core, when we know that we have been able to pump in enough oxygen for almost 400 human beings - for their lifetime - by planting and nurturing 200+ big trees.

Our Tree Count has shot up by 720% this year (as compared to 2016) not because of one person. We have had a surge of passionate individuals joining us as Volunteers and Leaders. And not to forget the immense heart shown by our 37 donors (so far) who have had the courage to spend a part of their earnings towards a great cause.
Wish to view the Trees we have planted? Click here

Our Team is our Strength
Our growing network of volunteers, donors and leaders helped us to a large extent. With committed and passionate individuals joining us, we were unstoppable in achieving our target of 200 Trees.

Meet Our Leaders:

We are currently in the process of signing up more Leaders from locations like Faridabad, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Pune. The mission is unstoppable.

Meet our Volunteers:
While Leaders are the drivers to expand our network and get things done, Volunteers are those dedicated  individuals who nurture, protect and care every single planted tree at a given location. Without the day to day care, we could never ever have dreamt of a staggering 98% survival rate. Such a survival rate is quite unheard of in Tree Plantation.
Meet our Volunteers here: All Volunteers

Wish to be a Leader or a Volunteer with us?
You can be a Leader too. If you are passionate about Trees, are concerned about the environment and have a few minutes per day which you are willing to contribute, then just write back to us at help@manoj-arora.com and we will arrange a call back with you.

Meet our Top 10 Donors
Nothing would have moved without our donors. We are mentioning the Top 10 below but each donation - every single rupee - has helped us pump more oxygen into our planet.
List of Top 10 Donors:

Wish to Donate?
If you have absolutely no time to offer your services, you can still contribute by offering a part of your hard earned money. There is no upper or lower limit to donate.
As soon as you donate, you are guaranteed of the following:
1/ A receipt of your donation
2/ Notification about every single tree, as and when it is planted, with your donation (including its location, picture, volunteer, and leader details etc.)
3/ A Report on your fund utilization every month.
How to Donate? Click here.

Wish us to remind you on a special day to plant a tree for you? 
Let us know by writing back to help@manoj-arora.com

Strong Process & Robust Framework
Our strong principles dictate us, very unambiguously, that we are not in a rush to plant more trees, but in a rush to clean our air. We have ensured that we have a very strong implemented process and a robust framework to take care of the trees once they are planted. 
We take pride in our website and process framework being the strongest for any tree plantation initiative across the globe. 

We say so because of the following:
1/ We track every single tree - offline and online. Sitting at your home, you can understand the tree ID, tree variety, location of plantation, who is nurturing it, who is the area leader etc.
2/ Get on the ground, while sitting at home - Look at your actual tree photos from the ground, look at your tree growing up - with photos being uploaded at regular intervals during the life of a tree - by our dedicated Volunteers.
3/ Track every Donation - Get your receipt, notifications about which trees are planted from your donations with their pictures, monthly fund utilization report etc. - all in your mail box at real time.
4/ View our Public Account Book - We are a 100% transparent organisation. Every account book entry (donation or expense) is made public - so that you are sure your money is being utilised the right way. You may view our Public Account Book right now by clicking here.
5/ Join this Flat Organisation - Join us as a Volunteer, Leader or Donor. There is no hierarchy in our organisation.

2018 is coming !!
We are planning for an ambitious target of reaching a landmark of 600 Trees by the end of 2018! This is 300% growth of what we achieved in the last 2 years put together. But with the passion and commitment from all of you, and with blessings of almighty, I am sure we will get there !

Visit our official tree plantation website at http://www.mykalpavriksha.org


Manoj Arora
Official Website | My Mission

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