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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Whats there in the all new 2nd edition of "From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom"

After more than 3 years of launching our 1st edition, the enormous wisdom gained over these 3 years of interaction with freedom seekers from all aspects of life, culminated in the 2nd edition of your best-selling book 'From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom'... Read on to find what wisdom is woven in this 2nd edition which is already hitting the top selling charts...

The Financial Freedom Plan
Over the last 3 years, I have personally interacted with 1,350+ freedom seekers over phone, workshops, emails and face to face. I have been involved in personally coaching them to build the most important plan of their lives - a plan which can set them free for the rest of their lives - a plan which can help them truly live their life - a plan which can enable them to chase their true calling. This is the plan for their personal financial freedom.

Almost everyone has good intentions
have always believed that most of the people around us have good intentions. There are enough people who are ready to take the plunge to help others, elevate their society and nation and play a positive value addition to elevate lives around them. It is just that they are either stuck in earning money to secure the future of their families or they have earned enough and have forgotten why they started to earn money in the first place. Whatever be the case, I find this a great opportunity to help such lovely people come out of their financial dilemma and help them plan their freedom from the financial bondage they are trapped in. And as a give back to my society, I have ensured that we do not mandatorily charge anyone for any of our services.

The Magic of 1st Edition
1st edition of the book has hit many bestselling charts during the course of last 3 years. From being the only personal finance book in India to have hit Amazon Top 100 (all genres) for more than 30 days (Read this: What made us rise to Amazon Top 100) to being #1 selling finance book on Flipkart, the journey has been immensely rewarding. 
But the biggest reward has been the feeling of having changed thousands and thousands of lives and the enormous love, affection and wishes that we keep receiving every day from so many of you. We are proud that we change 10 new lives, every single day. This is what makes our day, and hence our life, worth living.
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Comfort Zone is a myth
I always believe that there is nothing like standing still. Everything in this universe, including human beings, is either growing or degenerating. There is no middle path. If anyone gets the feeling of standing still in a comfort zone, trust me, that's an alias for degeneration, and nothing else.

We interacted massively between the 1st & 2nd edition
Therefore  rather than basking in our initial success, we made ourselves uncomfortable. We interacted with more than 1,350 Freedom seekers personally over the last 3 years, helped each of them build their own personal financial freedom plan and tried to find what else we can do to improve ourselves and elevate many more lives than we already have. 

What is different about the 2nd edition?
That's where 2nd edition started to take shape. We made it bigger, wiser and unprecedented. Here is how we did it:

- The entire book is rewritten, though the soul remains the same.
- You may find 8 out of 10 chapters with the same name as in the 1st edition but there are new strategies, new punch and new energy in every single line. Each word, each line has been made crispier and livelier.
- The 2 additional chapters cover the two aspects which most of our freedom seeker demanded the most:
1/ Building and Balancing your own portfolio
Based on your age and risk taking ability, now you have a step by step guide on how to start building and balancing your portfolio. So, if you are still in college, or if you are nearing retirement or anywhere in between that, you have help at hand.
2/ Wealth Protection
While lot of focus has been on Wealth Creation until the 1st edition, we felt an immediate need for guiding our freedom seekers on Wealth Protection too. What use is our Wealth if we cannot protect it from unwanted events in our life.

2nd edition is a lot more wiser. This new edition is:
- Serving you with strategies that we have learnt over the years like Dividend Stripping, SWP and STP, Liquidity management, High Dividend Stocks as investment option etc.
- Opening your wisdom to new wealth management principles like 4 levers.
- Sharing all my experience and learning as a financially free individual and the beautiful opportunities freedom brings to us.
- Inculcating some of the recent options to invest your money and rebalancing your portfolio e.g. NPS and SSY (Sukanya Smridhi Yojana).
- Introducing smarter tax saving tips.
- Learning from your feedback and implementing some of the existing issues in the book's 1st edition.

I strongly believe that if you don't find something that you are desperately looking for, you have an awesome opportunity at hand.
I was searching for an online tool which can help me plan and track my journey towards Financial Freedom. I wanted to get rid of excel stuff and get real time. Much to my disbelief, in spite of all my efforts, I could not locate a single integrated platform where I can manage my cash flow (income and expenses), net worth (assets and liabilities), future life events, inflation etc. - all at one place. I was desperate to find some website which can help me tell what is the amount of corpus that can set me free for financial freedom - a platform that can tell me that based on my lifestyle, my age, my investment style, predict my financial freedom date, a platform that can essentially help me build my customized Financial Freedom plan, and not only build, but also help me track whether I am on track or not. 
Since I could not find any such integrated platform, we decided to create one - and why only create - we are offering this unique first ever global platform to everyone free of charge. Even reading our 2nd edition is not a mandatory pre requisite to start using this integrated financial freedom platform.
In this first-time ever global platform, you can do many unprecedented things:
1/ Track your daily and average monthly income as well as expenses
2/ Track your Assets, Liabilities and Networth
3/ Track what RoI your portfolio has been giving you.
4/ Plan for your future events of life e.g. child's marriage, higher education etc.
5/ Manage key inputs like your age, inflation, savings increment etc.
6/ Generate a high level financial freedom plan which can take ina ll the above inputs and can tell you two critical things:
    a/ How much more money do you need to get financially free?
    b/ How much time will you take to reach that magic corpus?
7/ Generate a month wise detailed financial freedom plan which can assign you monthly targets based on your achievability.
8/ Track your journey from today till you achieve financial freedom.
.....and much more....

So, irrespective of the fact whether you have read our 1st edition or not, get re-energized to create your own Financial Freedom plan in a span of a few minutes and start tracking the most beautiful journey of your life - your journey from the Rat Race to Financial Freedom.

Want to catch hold of the 2nd edition? - Click here

Without you, We are nothing
In the end, we firmly believe that no one can achieve anything of its own. There are many circumstances and situations that have to align as per the plan, there are many known and unknown people who have to come to your support to make you achieve something. 

Without honoring my readers, fans and treating them at par to my close friends and family members, I think I will be doing a great injustice to their contribution in this collective success. 

Thank you one and all from the deepest corner of my heart. May we all continue to elevate as many lives as we can, as long as we are alive. 


Manoj Arora
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