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Monday, July 28, 2014

When life squeezes you !!

Inflation and cost of living has been a challenge for sometime now, but by gods grace, we usually do not think about it when it comes to giving the best to our children. All is well if things are falling in place, but what happens when life starts to squeeze you?

Recently, when we purchased a dozen oranges for our children, my wife was cursing high inflation and the significantly high cost of living. She was also making a point that in spite of paying the demanded prices, we usually do not get what is worth. 
Anyways, we got whatever best oranges were available in the market but they did not seem to be too great by their looks. We were not hoping them to either have a lot of juice or even expecting the taste to be extraordinary.

But when the kids tasted them, they were pleasantly surprised. The juice was not only superior in taste, but came out in good quantity. We squeezed them a bit more and and out there it came - more of it, and then a bit more. Well, inflation and high cost of living did force us to squeeze them more than what we would have normally done. We wanted return on our investment. Ultimately, we thought what a good decision was to buy these oranges. We even appreciated the vendor who sold us these oranges, and took a decision to buy from the same vendor the next time around.

And we all learnt a very important lesson in our family. What is important is what is inside you, and absolutely not the outside looks. This is so true for most of us in life. When life squeezes us from all sides, what is inside us, comes out and spreads around, just like the oranges.

Do you think Mother Teresa was beautiful? Do you think your mom is beautiful? Do you think your grand mom or grand dad is beautiful? Do you think Amitabh Bachchan is beautiful? Yes, they are. 
Are they all beautiful because they look beautiful OR because they you think they do something beautiful. 

The fact is that it truly does not matter how you look from outside, what matters is what you do, what finally matters is what is inside you. And when life squeezes you from all sides, the inside will come outside and will be visible to everyone around you. Everything else is transient - your looks, your possessions, your role and everything else that is visible from outside.

Start loving yourself, start doing something that adds value to this world - so that people know you by your deeds rather than by your looks, the position you hold or the wealth you possess.

Next time when life will squeeze you, make sure you had accumulated enough juice inside you - which inspires others around you to follow suit, which makes you and people around you lead a happier life. You will never be remembered for anything else.

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Manoj Arora
How to be happy - always !!

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