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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wake up Mr Driver

Imagine yourself driving a car on the highway, imagine that while driving, you intermittently loose control over the steering, brakes or the accelerator. How enjoyable is your journey? Its exactly the same way with you (the soul) intermittently losing control over what you say, what you eat, and what you think...Learn to take charge....Read on.

"Arathi" is the word commonly used in Hindi language to describe a dead body. If we drill deep into the meaning of this word, it can be decomposed in two distinct words "A" meaning "no", and "Rathi" meaning "chariot". So, "Arathi" essentially means that there is no chariot for the subject - result - a dead body.

Why did i explain you this? This is very important to to understand. To explain it to you, let me correlate this with the modern world. So, what do we have in place of a chariot and a horse cart today? We have a car and a driver. Thats the only difference, nothing much has changed even after thousands of years of neck break development :)

Let us take a leaf out of our daily morning life, and assume you are driving your car (or any other vehicle) to your workplace (it could also be driven by a chauffeur). This situation has lot of correlation with you and your body. Just like you are the driver of your car, you are also the driver in your body. You are not the body but you run your body through your various sense organs.

You love your car, just as much you love your body. You take care of your car, get it serviced on time, get it cleaned every day, make sure that the tire air pressure and fuel are in order, the general checks on engine oil, brake fluid etc are maintained. The same way, you take healthy food, go for exercise, walk and take care of your body.

Do you have control over the car that you drive? Do you control the steering, the brakes, the accelerator? You do. You ought to have 100% control. Imagine what would happen if you loose control over even one of these critical tools of the car - even for a fraction of a second while driving. 
Do you have control over your body? The anger, the hurt, the words you speak out, the food you eat, the things that you see, the things that you hear. You know what is right for you and your body, but still you lose control, and do things that you should not do.

Why do you need control? Stupid question, but still i must answer it for you. I am in full awareness that i am in control of my physical car, and i am responsible to drive it to the desired destination safely, and for me to be able to do that, i need to have full control. Imagine the same with your body. You need to drive yourself to the desired destination in your life safely, and for that you would need 100% control on your body.

What about the quality of my journey? Of course, the brand and quality of car does define the quality of my physical journey. But more important than that is the control and finesse of the driver. You may be driving the best car in the world, but what if the car peripherals are not in your control or if you do not know how to drive, then even the best of car is of no use. 
Its the same with us. If we have to really enjoy the journey of our lives, we need 100% control of all our body, and we need to learn to drive the body to the desired goals. Wrong words, sorry, didn't want to say, didn't want to hit, didn't want to eat this, didn't want to watch this, heat of the moment, slip of the tongue.....all these are the indications of lost control, and the result - a rough journey. 

The key is to understand that all these lost controls are not happening automatically, that you are letting them happen because of the absence of this fundamental realization that you are driver. You are responsible. Are you keeping yourself and your car healthy?

Wake up. The first reality that we all need is to wake up and realise that we are the driver and this body and its sense organs are in our control. It is not the other way round. It is not automatic. Wake up before it is too late. We are in this journey along with so many other cars and their drivers - most of them half asleep, with hardly any control over their cars - mainly because they don't realise that they are not the car - but the driver in the car. 

If i realise that i am the driver, and i am responsible for  safe and enjoyable journey, i will take care of my car whatever happens - even if the other cars are coming in the wrong direction. I will prevent accidents only if i am awakened to this reality. I will accept that people can drive in wrong directions and it is my prime responsibility to protect myself and my car.

Wake up - you are the soul - learn to accept whatever chaos is happening around you - start controlling your body - and start protecting your happiness from the outside chaos.
What if someone is driving on the wrong side of the road ? Will you accept it and protect yourself first? or you will get down of the moving car and start lecturing? If you start lecturing, the only thing that happens is an accident. Both  the cars will be damaged. Accept, mould yourself according to the situation and protect your inner happiness.

Wake up - you are the driver - you have to control this car (your body with all your sense organs) - so that you can have a beautiful journey.
You can always take care of the physical car even if it is bumped, but who will take care of this car when and if it gets bumped? You will never get back your original car. Should you not drive this body much more carefully, just because the stakes here are extremely high? What food / fuel we are feeding into this car? We don't eat or smoke in our physical car - but when we are driving our car of life, we smoke and spoil this car. Look at our unawareness. When something happens to this car (our body) , all the money put in the world cannot do anything to help it. 

Imagine, what will happen in a team where the boss forgets that he is the boss. What will the staff do? What will be the productivity of the team? It will be chaos, all fun. No one to control or direct the team. Everyone will do what they feel like. Today, this body, with all these organs knows that the boss (you, the soul) no longer controls it, that the boss has forgotten that he is the boss.

Don't let this continue to happen to you. Wake up, take charge of your body. Start controlling it, When you go home today, make sure that you remain aware that you are driving this car and it is your prime responsibility not to get hurt yourself, and also protect your car. Emotions, Shouts, Anger, Insult may be thrown at you, but you are the driver and you are responsible for a safe journey. 

When you take care of your car and take care of yourself - the driver, you pay attention, and take care, you will surely enjoy this accident free beautiful drive of this life, and be able to experience happiness unlimited.

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Manoj Arora
You are entitled to happiness unlimited !!

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