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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

3 Life Lessons after 100+ Book Reviews

It does not happen by fluke. With more than 100+ Reviews on the Freedom Portal and 30+ reviews on Flipkart, an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5, thousands of followers, being ranked in Top 5 and Top 10 in India for almost 3 months at a stretch now - all this does not happen just by chance...and there are lot of life lessons i have learnt during this 5 month journey of my book. Want to change your life? read on.....

(1) Set your objective and start moving.

There was a time when i somehow wanted this book to be out in the market, even if i had to self publish the same. That it will finally achieve what it has actually done now, after getting published by one of the most renowned publishers in India, and that too in a short span of less than 5 months of launch, is a testimony to the fact that hard work with right intention can work wonders.
Lesson: So many times, we seem to get stuck with an idea because we are not very clear how we are going to reach the end goal. Remember that "how" you are going to achieve your goal is insignificant compared to "why" you want to achieve the goal. It is normally the lack of enough strength in "why" that prohibits us from taking the next step.
"How" will get figured out on the way, if you are passionate to achieve the goal (i.e. if your "why" is strong enough). Take the first step forward. You will fail a few times, you will learn and then try different things, but ultimately you will find a way out. 
The problem with great minds sometimes is that they wait for the "how" to be absolutely clear before they take the first step...and by the time they can figure out the "how", the over analysis from the "over intelligent" mind is likely to kill that great idea for ever.

(2) Nature will conspire to make it happen for you.

"Right intent" has always been the key differentiation for me. Believe me, it has never been about "selling" the book. Lot of my colleagues and friends have been insisting me to publicize and market the book, get into a selling mode, take seminars etc...I know the fact that marketing is what makes the biggest impact on sales now a days. 
But here is my point. Who is bothered about "sales". Sales numbers will take care of themselves, if i continue to solve someone's life problems. I strongly believe in the fact that if i am solving someone's problem, word of mouth will take care of everything else. What if word of mouth alone cannot build the required momentum. Here is what i believe in. Even if it does not, my objective was always to solve the problem of those who are stuck in a mindless rat race, with no solution in sight. I am solving that problem irrespective of the sales numbers.
I have experienced that in such situations, when you go with such an intent, and go for your goal passionately, nature will make things happen for you. And i not only believe in this, i experience it almost every day - from getting the best publisher in India for my first ever writing venture, to so many "chance incidents" that hundreds of freedom seekers tell me over phone. So many freedom seekers have told me their story as to how, "by chance", they caught attention of this book and their lives changed for ever after that. You can read more from these "by chance" freedom seekers via the links given below.
Lesson : So, go on, have passion, focus on solving a problem for the world, and forget everything else, forget all the numbers, focus and focus hard only on  solving the problem right. Leave everything else to the ALMIGHTY, nature's conspiracy, or any other name you want to give it to it. Trust HIM, and you will never be disappointed.

(3) Keep focused

There will definitely be times when you will be tested, when your passion towards your goal will be tested. Keep focused, Keep moving forward. Do not feel unfortunate or feel dejected as to why you are being tested. Remember that this test is vital because this is what is going to separate you from everyone else around you. 
Lives of so many freedom seekers are undergoing a change, so many of them have their financial plan of their life ready, they know what they need to do each month to achieve freedom from the biggest trap of life i.e. rut of earning money. I have made sure that i am loud enough to say that purchasing the book is not mandatory to seek one-one appointments with me, to plan one's financial life. Also, there are no charges for any appointments with me. 
I am also not leaving them orphaned after their monthly financial freedom plan is ready, but i am reviewing their journey as well, because i am intensely focused on the end goal - I want to make them financially free - i have to help them till i reach this goal. So many times, freedom seekers will take an appointment and not turn up, not respond to emails, and so many other distractions will come on the way..but the focus on the end goal has made sure that i have started churning out financially free individuals. These are the individuals who will start making an impact on the world around them.
Lesson : Keep focused, all the distractions from your goal are a test for you. You ought to pass the test to move on. These tests will elevate you above the majority.

Having learnt these 3 life lessons, i know that i need to stay humble. I must not ever forget that i am just a medium which the Almighty is using to get things done, to change the world for the better.

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