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Monday, April 30, 2018

In the end, Freedom is always more than worth it !

This was one moment I could have easily waited for another 10, 20 or 30 years - or may be my entire lifetime. My first creation (From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom) had just earned the priced tag of "Amazon #1 Bestseller" after 5 years of toil. But it was not exactly the #1 tag that made the moment extra special. It was what happened after it, that made the entire experience worth the wait? Or even more than worth?
You are doing a big mistake.
Well, all that book writing etc is fine, but hope you are not thinking of  quitting your job.
What will you do, if you do not do a job? You will waste your talent.
Oh c'mon, you are kidding me. Freedom is all bullshit theory. It does not work in practical.
Retirement? At 40? Ha ha
People dream of working in companies like IBM, TCS and L&T and you want to quit them - to do nothing? Well, that is really sad.

I heard all this, and much much more. I sacrificed much beyond what I can ever share with you on this platform. I listened from friends, relatives and family members. I absorbed all this, and much more. I followed where my heart guided me - into an unknown, uncharted territory. But when HE is with you, then what else you need.

Was it easy? Absolutely not. But who in the world is looking for easy things? We are looking for things that are worthwhile, isn't it? And easy things are rarely worthwhile. Ask any sports champion or a charismatic leader, and he or she can share with you that if it was worthwhile, it never ever was easy.

The #1 tag did satisfy. It was what I had been waiting for. So many times, the book went up to # 2 to come down again. But this time, it was not to be. 

I grew up reading self help books from authors like Joseph Murphy, George S. Clason, Robert Kiyosaki, Benjamin Graham, and Dale Carnegie, and today - at least for some time, all these authors wee relegated to some sundry spots after the # 1 spot..

And if you are thinking that the # 1 Amazon tag made it worthwhile, then you are only partially right. In fact, I must admit that even I did not preempt a few years back that there could be things bigger than being # 1, higher than being ahead of your childhood role models like Robert Kiyosaki or more long term satisfying than the ever eluding # 1 spot. 

It were the few hours after the book got the #1 tag that made me feel incredible. I realised that 10 times the pain and hard work that I had to undergo would have been just fine for what I saw. I shared the news of "Amazon #1 Bestseller" tag with my family. After about a couple of hours, my younger daughter came back to me with a hand scribbled poem, which I am pasting here, as it is (with her permission of course). 

It is for you to judge the worth of this letter. It is not the words but the time we spent together in understanding each other. It is the freedom of time and the luxury of spending it the way I wish to, that mattered the most. It is the depth with which she has read my emotions. It is truly worth all the pain. 

When your child understands your pain and achievement, when she feels like expressing the same and sharing with you, when she has created that bonding in your relationship...that is when you feel that Freedom is always more than worth it. It was not the # 1 tag but the metamorphosis of pain, sweat and hurt into a super strong bond between a father and a daughter. In the end, it is not whether it was tough, hard, and frustrating. In the end, it was worth it. It was, in fact, more than worth every moment of pain and sacrifice. And life becomes worth it just for few such moments of glory !

While I did it a few years back, and many others are doing it today with our help, people are now getting awakened to the reality. Here is a news article from an Indian national newspaper (The Times Of India) dated 29th April 2018. 
It is titled as "These young professionals have a new motto - to retire early."

So go on, take your next step towards Freedom. Pay your price to earn your freedom, and then reap the rewards in terms of the plethora of choices it brings along. Write back to us, and we would be happy to help you out.

Freedom, as I keep saying, is not a seekers end goal, but a means to achieve his end goals. In the end, Freedom is always more than worth it !


Manoj Arora
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  1. Absolute eye opener and the writeup by ur daughter is very heart touching

    1. Thank you friend.. I do not know your name, but thanks anyways for your warm wishes. A lot of people read this post as if it was about being # 1. Very few, like you, went to its real reward !