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Monday, June 24, 2019

Meet another Freedom Seeker - Anand Managoli - a Director from Karnataka, India

Last time, we met an energetic and a passionate professional from Hyderababd, India : Mr. Deepak Shandilya, who is already on his journey towards financial freedom. 
Today, you have an opportunity to meet another young and dynamic enterpreneur, a self made man, Director of SR Process Controls Pvt Ltd., Hubli, Karnataka, India - Mr. Anand Managoli

The response to such posts has been overwhelming. Last time, we met Mr. Deepak Shandilya from Hyderabad. You can read about his journey by clicking here.

In continuation with our effort to interlock you with some common men and women who have been seeking financial freedom, today, it is a chance to meet another dynamic personality, an enterpreneur, and Director of 
SR Process Controls Pvt Ltd., Hubli, Karnataka, India - Mr. Anand Managoli.

We are currently mentoring Mr. Anand and have helped him to build a financial freedom plan of his life. This monthly track-able plan, once executed, has the potential to bring him and his family out of the rat race and allow him to chase the true dreams of his life. This plan can make him experience "true freedom" in life.

And as we all know "Freedom can buy you what money cannot !!"

So, let's meet Mr. Anand Managoli to know who he is, what his dreams and goals are, why is he chasing financial freedom, and how has been his experience since he has set himself on this journey towards financial freedom. So, here we go, lets meet with our next freedom seeker : Mr. Anand Managoli.

Why Anand is pursuing his journey towards Financial Freedom?
Anand is looking to pursue his passions and this is what he feels about his goals post financial freedom:

Life is not just about going on earning money. There is no end to materialistic acquisitions and it certainly cannot be fulfilling internally. We need a different value addition within and that can only be achieved when we tread the path of individual’s life’s passion fulfilment. Man’s life can be segregated into four 4S stages as survival, security, success and significance which are self explanatory. It’s the last stage ‘significance’ which can be equated to ‘self actualisation’ stage of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which is most important. As such financial freedom is very important which facilitates free time to pursue those passions which add internal significance to the core of individual.

Anand firmly believes that life is much more than earning money, and that we all need to find a way to make our lives more meaningful. And I agree 100% with him.

Today, Anand is locked in a race where money is the only value addition. He wants to overcome that. He wants to lead a more meaningful life, and why not? Each one of us deserves to enjoy our life - doing what we love doing, rather than just moving with the grind.

What are some of Anand's goals in life?
This is what Anand had to say when we asked him about his goals in life:

I am in the process of identifying my subjects (literature/arts/history) of interest and read extensively in those areas and also travel widely to get first hand understanding of that specific subject matter.
Meet scholarly, eminent, personalities in those specific areas and interact with them to have more understanding.
Take up social cause issue in whatever best possible way and contribute even on a minuscule to the cause of environment/ charity.
Life need not be an either-or. Anand is on his journey while being an entrepreneur. He has kick started his journey towards financial freedom to be free from rat race and start living the life of his dreams.

We will be together monitoring his journey, and even beyond. We will also tune his portfolio during the course of this journey, so that his journey stays on track. Our regular mentoring with Anand would include maximizing returns from his existing investments, tuning the portfolio for liquidity and suppleness, and fine tuning the plan during his journey - depending on how life shapes up for him and his family.

We wish Anand all the best for his life and wish that he can go on to chase his true dreams and calling in life.

Anand Managoli is just one among you. He is no different, except the fact that he took a step to connect with us, was open to accept our advice, and then worked on that advice. He took the first step. He came out of his comfort zone and will surely be rewarded for the same, in times to come.

Look at the below questions, and think about them:
  • Do you think it is wise to have a financial plan in place for your life, instead of randomly doing investments with no target in mind? 
  • Do you think life should be much more than just earning money?
  • Do you exactly know how much money you need to get financially free? 
  • Do you exactly know how much time you need to accumulate that kind ocorpus which can fund your and your family's expenses for the rest of your life? 
  • Do you know how can you maximise your returns on your net worth?
  • Do you know that massive wealth without the required liquidity in your portfolio can lead to a situation where your money is locked and you cannot fund your goals.
  • Do you know that we run an ELITE program (based on an interview based selection criteria) to hand hold people towards Financial Freedom?

If you have any of the above questions pondering in your mind, or you have any genuine financial query, or wish to know more about the ELITE program, or you have strondreams on which you are yet to start working, do write to us at help@manoj-arora.com and we will be happy to share our experiences with you, so that we can work together and plan a better future for you.

If you fail to plan, you are planning for failure !!

Want to read about other Freedom Seekers? Click here.


Manoj Arora

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