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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Mr. Stock decides to start a STOCK DICTIONARY !

Mr. Stock gets another stint on Planet Earth, and comes up with a unique concept. 
If you are Gobind's friend, you can ask any term related to Stocks and Mr. Stock will explain you - in detail, with examples from a LIVE market scenario, and with utmost clarity. 
With time, a STOCK DICTIONARY will get created for humans. This will help the coming generations to avoid the noise out there - and invest in stocks with clarity of thoughts.

Gobind banged the computer mouse on the table. He was getting frustrated - not by the lack of information to do his stock value analysis, but by excess of it. Wow ! Too much information, too much noise out there. 
People use complex terms and jargon to explain simple financial terms, and common men and women like Gobind get sucked into them.  
I was watching him trying to overcome his emotion of anger.

'What happened, my friend..?', I asked him, as if I did not know.

'Nothing Mr. Stock.', responded a dejected Gobind.

One of the problems with human race is that they do not appreciate failure. They do not realise that failure, dejection, frustration - these are not only vital, but necessary ingredients to create something awesomely special. These emotions come into their life to teach them things that they never knew earlier. Humans also fail to appreciate that each setback ,each frustration is an opportunity to do something different, something better. 

Perhaps, I need to handhold Gobind to show what good can come out of his current problem, and hope he can learn to do similar things when faced with situations like these in future.

I allowed the time Gobind needed to share his problem. By this time, he had developed enough faith in me. 

HE had sent me back on Planet Earth for another stint. I wasn't sure why, but now, it was seemingly getting clear. My purpose of this stint was to prove to Gobind that his problem was actually not a problem. That his problem, if looked differently, can be converted into a big opportunity - to improve his life, and that of the world around him. The time had come.

"As long as you were there with me, there was no issue. After you left, for every single single term I wish to understand about Stocks, there is so much information around the web, and everyone talks a bit different than the other. There is no clear, precise and correct answer. Help me please ! Mr. Stock. I really need your help.", Gobind showered all his feelings.

"Just one thought of yours seeking help from me is enough. I will do whatever it takes to help you. Explain me a bit in detail about your problem.", I asked Gobind. 

"I was trying to find the EPS of a stock and then I realised that Earnings also can be of many types - Standalone or Consolidated. So, what is Standalone Earnings, what is Consolidated Earnings? Which one to use? I mean it is all messed up."

"Go on, I am listening..."

"If I go and try to find the number of shares of a company, I realise that they are never constant and then their are as many ways to calculate the number of outstanding shares to arrive at the right EPS, as the number of people out there. I mean, everywhere there is so much data, and its all chaotic, Mr. Stock. You live in a different world. You will never understand what I am talking about."

"I understand what you say Gobind, what did I teach you? Confusion is..."

"Yeah yeah, I know what you will say. Confusion is good. It allows us to expand our mindset. It allows us to think beyond our own created boundaries and...bla bla...But I do not know what is good with all the confusion running in my mind."

"See Gobind, today, because of this confusion, have erupted an idea in my mind."

"What idea?"

"We are going to start a Stock Dictionary."

"Stock Dictionary ! What is that now? Please do not add to my confusion and chaos. Do you expect me to mug up a complete dictionary now - so that I can invest in Stocks?"

"Well, you ask me a term everyday I come to you, and I will explain you that term with detailed examples, compare it with other similar terms available on the web, and show you how it is implemented LIVE in a market scenario. We will keep all this explanation simple and clear. How does that sound?"

"Hmmm...so, I can ask anything?"

"Yes, any term related to stocks - and remember the ground rule - the more fundamental your question is, the more powerful the implications of the answer are."

"So, I can ask you things like what is a stock, what is a dividend, what is Earning, what is EBIDTA, what is Standalone Earnings, anything...?"

"Yes please...and you can ask your friends also to ask one term and I will respond with absolute clarity."

"Wow, that truly sounds interesting...Mr. Stock..thanks yet again.."

"My pleasure Gobind."

Like a parent, I had to be ready to offer my services to my child, whenever he calls for me. I never disappoint anyone. I do not expect anything from anyone. All that I need is for someone to remember me with all his heart. And I will come running.

Stock Dictionary is on its way from the next post ! Humans have made it too complex. Through Gobind, we will take one term at a time - and we will make this seemingly complex subject so crystal clear that any common person can come and understand it.


Manoj Arora
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