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Saturday, March 18, 2017

12 Ever-Lasting Lessons from "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch

"The Last Lecture" is a New York Times best-selling book by Randy Pausch. The book was born out of a lecture Pausch gave in September 2007 entitled "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams". His hypothetical imagination was based on what wisdom would you try to impart to the world if you knew it was your last chance?

I, hereby, list down the 12 Ever-Lasting Lessons that I learnt from this awesome book. I know that I need to keep practicing these learning day in and day out. These learning are worded and appended in a way that makes it easier for most of us to understand and absorb.

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So, here we go with our 12 Lively Lessons from this book that influenced me immensely.

(1) What is disturbing you at the back of your mind is the elephant in the room. Bring it up on the table as fast as you can.
Procrastination can kill you. You must prioritise your day and attend to things that you have been neglecting - but are important. There is no one else in the world who is going to help you resolve them. The earlier you attend to them, the easier it is to handle them.
(2) We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.
Situations were never, and will never be in our control. But the response to those situations is always in our control. Remember that every situation is for our good, yes, every situation - though we may not know the good immediately. Dots will get connected only in the hindsight.
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(3) If you dispense your own wisdom, it is mostly ignored. If you share the same wisdom from a third party reference, it gets more acceptability.
Nothing works like the word of mouth. People may not value you if you praise yourself or highlight your achievements. You are valued when your achievements are highlighted by someone else on your behalf.

(4) Even when you are in a position of strength - in work or relationships, you must play fair. Just being in a drivers seat doesn't give you the license to run over people.
With great power comes great responsibility. The first myth that you must relinquish is the fact that "you" alone have achieved anything. There are many individuals - your family or even otherwise - and more than that, innumerable circumstances that must go as planned for you to be able to have seen the success that you are seeing. Be grateful to all those individuals and the almighty for all the favourable situations that lead you to success. And then, use your success to serve others.

(5) Walls are not there to stop you - they are there for you to demonstrate how badly you want your goal. They are there for others, who are not serious about their goals, to be filtered out.
Every obstacle, every challenge is a little nudge from HIM for you to Dream On. Obstacles are not only good - they are a must for long term success.
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(6) People are more important than things - Never scold your child for spoiling your house.
The de-facto rule that we have taught our children - 'Never get disturbed with things that can be bought with money'. The relationship thread among your family is so beautiful that it is absolutely not worth spoiling it to avoid a spoilt house.
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(7) You can always alter and adapt your plan, provided you have one.
There are so many people who teased me, made fun of me - of being late to reach my goal of financial freedom. They would come and deliberately inquire every month whether I have reached my goal or not. Yes, I was late - by 2 years - to achieve financial freedom. That will always remain a fact. But folks, here is another fact - I did achieve it an year back - while all those friends who were too concerned about me being late are still in the rat race. I had to alter and adapt my plan. I could do that only because I had a plan - a written plan which I was chasing. 
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(8) Time needs to be invested and managed wisely, much more seriously than money. Time is all you have, and you may realise it one day that you have less than what you think.
Most people, for the most of their life, will keep thinking that money is the most important asset of their life. Alas, they only realise it too late that it was never the money, but the Time - that was the most important asset of their life. It is limited. It cannot be earned more. It has to be lived - else thrown away. The earlier one realises, the better.
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(9) Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want.
Thus, there is never a situation when you do not get anything. And experience is an extremely valuable asset indeed.
(10) Failure is not just acceptable, but is often essential.
Failure has to be worn as a badge of honour, rather than an envelope to hide. Those who fail (and learn) most, succeed the most. Every failure teaches us - and teaches us what success cannot.
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(11) Hard Work is like compound interest. The rewards build faster than you can imagine, provided you persist with it.
Rewards are building up. They may not be explicitly visible to you right now. But trust me, they are accumulating. Keep persisting with your work. There is a delayed gratification - but that is only for your benefit. If you truly love your work, then you will never even feel that you are working hard. 
(12) Three words of advise : Speak the truth.....add another three words for long term success "All the time".
There is nothing more rewarding and satisfying than your thoughts, speech and actions being in sync with each other. And for sure, you would be one of the rare ones who can manage this. And if you can, success cannot remain far away.

Hope these life lessons will help shape up your thought process to some extent and help you lead a better life.

Don't have time to read the entire book? 
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Manoj Arora
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