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Friday, February 17, 2017

Relentless Faith can cut even your past Karmas

Our future destiny is a result of our past and current Karma. We may ruin the fact that we have done bad Karma in the past, and would now have to face the consequences. At the same time, we also feel the power that good Karma today can change our future destiny. This is what I used to feel until I met my Guru a few months back - and my perspective towards life is getting a complete makeover.

Is there any escape from the bad Karma that we had done in the past - whether in this lifetime or in the previous births? I was fully sure that if God exists, then this is one of the duties of God to maintain a Karmic account balance for each individual and give them situations and destiny as per their past Karma. Yes it is.

But if you have been blessed by a Guru, and if you are following his teachings, you also have a chance that your Guru can take the results of your Karma on himself, thus relieving you of the consequential pain.The Guru then bears the results of your bad karma on his body on dissolves them through Tapas-ya and meditation.

Same thing happened in a jungle with a person and his Guru...

A local businessman, Badri, and his Guru were camping in a jungle. It was pitch dark in the night. Considering the possible threats in the jungle, they decide to sleep by turn while the other person will be awake to guard the one who is sleeping. It is Guru's turn to sleep first. Badri keeps guard through the night. Early morning, the Guru wakes up and now asks Badri to go to sleep. Badri obliges and goes off to sound sleep

A few hours later, a black poisonous snake approaches Badri and the Guru immediately intercepts the snake.

"Why are you approaching Badri?" asked the Guru.

"Mahapurush, you please don't interfere between the two of us. We have some old Karma to settle.", remarked the snake.

"What old karma?"

"Badri, in his last birth, had slit my throat. I'm here to settle that karma by drinking blood from his neck. This is a karmic settlement and I would request you not to intervene. This settlement is as per natural law." responded snake, too eager to take his revenge of the last birth.

"But Badri slept by putting all his trust on me. How can I allow you to kill him? That will be betrayal by a Guru, which is not feasible either."

"But then Mahapurush, what will happen to my Karmic settlement? Moreover, I am not sure if Badri has the kind of unrelenting faith in you that you are talking about. You must prove his faith in you."

"Ok, that is a fair ask" remarked Guru.

The Guru immediately took a knife and jumped on to the chest of the sleeping Badri. As he was about to put his knife on Badri's throat, Badri woke up and opened his eyes to this unexpected site - his Guru on his top with a knife on his neck.

The very next moment, Badri closed back his eyes and his face showed the bliss that only unrelenting faith can bring... A faith so strong that even the fear of death cannot waiver it... A faith which believes that if my Guru has chosen death for me, there has to be my benefit even in this outcome,  a faith which hands over absolute control to the Guru.

As Badri lay unruffled, Guru looked at the snake, slit a small cut on the Badri's neck, took a few drops of blood and offered it to the revengeful snake. The dismayed snake looks at the Guru and the drops of blood being offered. He had no choice but to drink the drops of blood and walk away...his Karmic balance being restored.

As the snake departed, Guru asked Badri to get up. Badri got up and sat besides the Guru.

Guru immediately asked Badri, "Badri, Why did you not fight back, or at least resist me while I was on your chest with the knife in my hand about to slit your throat?"

"When I opened my eyes, I saw my Guru on my chest with a knife. I felt how blessed I will be if my death comes through my Guru. Death is certain but if it comes through the hands of my Guru, there can be no better one. I had complete faith in you." responded Badri.

"You trusted me Badri, and that is why you are alive. I did not slit you to get few drops of blood. I slit you to cancel your past karma, by giving you just a small cut. Good that you trusted me. There was no other way for you to stay alive."

Badri laid down on Guru's feet acknowledging the strange ways of a Guru and remembered certain truths:

1/ A Guru can see what you cannot. Have faith in what is happening to you. Have faith that every result is for your benefit.

2/ Unrelenting faith in your Guru is the only way to cut your past Karma, else you will have to settle them by bearing the pain of settling past karma.

3/ A Guru is even above God. A God sends you on the planet to settle your karma, and therefore delivers a defined destiny. A Guru can cut your past karma and therefore change your destiny.

4/ We all have done too many bad karma in the past, and that is why we are here. If things happening to you do not seem good, remember that you may only be getting a small share of the bad things - a very small share compared to what you actually deserve. Be happy about it.

Identify your Guru in life, have trust in him, be truthful to his teaching and watch miracles happen. Life is not a set of coincidences, but the blessings of a Guru which get executed like seemingly great co-incidents. It is not luck. It is someone at work for you.


Manoj Arora
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  1. How have you selected right Guru? These days 90% of gurus and babas are fake. I really get pushed back, when people worship guru instead of God.

    1. Your point is absolutely valid Noopsi. Unfortunately, that is how most of us see Gurus now a days. But go back a few generations, and life without a Guru was not even thought of.
      Yes, selecting the right Guru is important. And it took me close to 20 years of search to get the right one. How does one know if he is the right one? - One knows it in the very first glance of the guru or his disciples or his teachings.
      Well, my Guru does not exist in physical form today. He left a decade back but his teachings are what directs us. His energetic vibrations give us the power to implement those things in life which we have never been able to implement until now, in spite of knowing the truth.
      His teachings allow us to lead a happier and a meaningful life. We feel blessed. We do not worship him. He does not want us to. But he shows us the path to God. He shows what changes we need to bring in our day to day life to make it a beautiful one...
      Wish you luck too :)

  2. Well said Sir.Once again a very good article from you. I have read teaching of spiritual gurus and I find sant Kabir teachings very simple and practical.I find solace, peace and happiness and energy in his Dohavalis.

    1. Thanks Paragrenu ! Appreciate your views.
      I completely resonate with your views on Sant Kabir. I read and listen to his sayings often.... We share a common interest here !

  3. Well said Sir. Again a very good article from you. Thank you. I have read teachings of some spiritual gurus and find sant Kabir teachings very simple and practical to our daily life. I find solace, peace, energy after reading his Dohavalis.