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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Found your lock?

Each lock has a unique key. You are the key that HE has created for a unique purpose. You must not rest till you have found out your lock. Else, this key is just a piece of metal to be thrown away after it has rusted and degenerated.

It was late night when we arrived from the dinner party. Kids had to wake up early morning next day for their schools. As i parked the car, I asked my younger one to take the house key and open the doors. She picked up the keys from the car dashboard and went ahead.

After making a few futile attempts, she screamed - "Papa, the lock has a problem. It is not opening." I was still in the car taking out the last remains of the belongings after a long drive. 
"Oops !! What mess now with this key. Let me see what is the issue. Coming dear."

I also tried, but the door was actually not opening. It was not long before I realised that we were attempting to open the lock with an incorrect key. The actual key to this lock was in a different key ring. I immediately put the right key, opened the lock, and asked my family to move in quickly and get the night chores going. 

My younger one seemed a little confused, as she walked inside the house. After some soul searching, she could not stop herself and asked - "I thought any lock can be opened with any key. Is it not true Daddy?" 
This question may sound stupid to most of us. Of course, this is how it sounded to me initially. But I remembered that we have always encouraged our kids to ask more questions, even if they sound stupid initially. We had also emphasized that they must implement our teachings practically. Of course, she must have remembered the practical meaning of the phrase "The most stupid question is the question that you do not ask."

I heard her out and then responded "No baby, each lock is unique, and therefore each key is unique. No lock can be opened by any other key."

"This is interesting Dad. There must be millions and billions of locks in the world and an equal number of keys. It is surprising that they all are so unique. Wow."

"Yes they are. Just like all of us. Tell me two humans which are identical. There are billions of them, but each one of them is unique. Not only humans, the plants, animals, birds - everyone and everything is unique. This is the beauty of God's creation."

She was listening patiently, and trying to absorb what I was telling her. Seeing her interest and curiosity, I continued. I was not sure whether she will grasp these concepts at such a young age, but if I had to err, I thought, let me err on the positive side of the risk. What if she actually understands. 

"See, life is much like that. When we come here on this planet, God sent us on a mission. We are all unique, just like every key. Each and every one of us is unique. There is nothing like a big key or a small key, a smart key or a normal key, a black key or a white key etc. Each key has a purpose - to find the lock that is associated with it, and then open it. Similarly, God sent us with a specific purpose. Our objective is to find that purpose of our life, and then go and chase it. For a key, there is no point just keeping it in a cupboard, letting it rust and then to be thrown off one fine day. Similarly, there is no point staying in our comfort zones, just degenerating to die one day. We are created to do something very unique. We must find that out and chase that. If that means, disrespecting the world, so be it."

"Right, very interesting Dad. Now i understand why there is no point comparing myself with anyone else. I am truly unique in this world. Got it Dad."

Children are getting smarter by the day, much more than you would ever be able to think or conceive. Trust them that they can beat you in every field. Talk with them like you would with an adult friend or a family member. They are an equal soul sitting in a smaller body, that's it...not much of a difference.

Go find your lock and solve the problems of the world you were created to solve.


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