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Monday, September 29, 2014

Rave Reviews, Kindle, Google Play-store, Amazon, Flipkart welcome Happiness Unlimited

It was a super duper month for Happiness Unlimited - the book. It has already started impacting so many lives...
Rave reviews, super sales, and availability on most online stores like Kindle, Google Play-store, Amazon, Flipkart started off the journey...

Rave Reviews
Some of the moest recent reviews show that it is creating some rock solid impact:

This is not only a book but an approach to life. It will serve as a mentor which one could approach in our everyday life.

- Arvind Khurana, GM, India sub-continent,

Solace Systems Inc

An amazing book...A must read for everyone who wants to be happy in life. I could relate to every sentence in the book.

- Nishant Maitre, Founder Director,

Swift Power Solution Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

Book Availability
After the formal book launch on 30th Aug 2014, the book has gone online at the following stores:

and many more to follow......
  • Snapdeal
  • eBay
  • Homeshop18
  • etc...

And if you have not yet grabbed some happiness dose in your life, you ought to get some. Grab a copy and then connect with me as we walk this journey of happiness together.


Manoj Arora
Stay happy.... always !!
Life's Mission | Fan Page | Official Website | LinkedIn | YouTube | Twitter

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

14 Questions To Make You 'Beware of the Obvious'

Rev 1 : 11-Sep-2017
We all were born different. And we all will die different. 
But some sanity may prevail in our lives if we make an attempt to answer some of the "common sense" questions - questions which tend to challenge the obvious that we see all around us. So, here you go with a set of 14 questions that you must ask yourself. You do not need to answer them right away. Answer them when you are alone and at peace....

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Video : The power to be happy is back with you !!

Until this time, whenever we got angry, we knew exactly who was at fault? We kept blaming the person, object or the situation for our anger, and see where we have reached. Anger has become so much a part of our lives that it comes 'naturally' to us. Let us look at this from a slightly different perspective.

  • Your child did not finish the homework - you get disturbed and blame the callous attitude of your child
  • Your spouse did not wish you on your anniversary or birthday - you feel that he or she does not love you the same and that your marriage does not have the same spark, 
  • Someone bangs your car - you feel like banging the other person. 
  • Your new car gets a scratch - you feel like someone has scratched you.
  • Your new i phone drops from your hand - you miss a few heartbeats.
  • Someone shouts at you in the public - you get humiliated and disturbed and wish that the person who shouted at you will never understand your situation.
  • Your boss fires you - you get stressed and depressed 
  • You do not get the promotion that was due and you so thoroughly deserved - you blame the way your organisation functions
  • You get stuck in a traffic jam - you blame the government for not doing enough.....

..........and the list is endless...it keeps going on...in every such situation and in every such incident - you lose your most prized possession - "Happiness". But did you lose it of your own? Or someone or something else was responsible for the loss of your happiness? 

The below video link should clarify a few doubts...and give the power back in your hands - the power to always remain happy !!


Manoj Arora
Stay happy.... always !!
Life's Mission | Fan Page | Official Website | LinkedIn | YouTube | Twitter

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Open your mind : Increasing your income is not the only way to get wealthy.

This blog post is a part of the article already published in Complete Well Being magazine. 

When people think about getting wealthy, what they usually focus on, is increasing their income. Well, increasing your income is definitely one of the ways to get wealthy, but is definitely not the only way.  Let us look at some other avenues.

More often than not, people ignore the holistic picture. It is like assuming that the only way to make any nation self sufficient in power is to generate more power. What a tragic mistake. If you learn from countries like Japan, they have an equal focus on two other factors - how they can reduce electricity wastage and how they can make their devices more energy efficient. Of course, more electricity generation will also help to a good extent, but we must harness the power of all 3 modes - more generation, reducing wastage and innovating to make devices more energy efficient.

It goes the same way with handling money in our lives. While increasing income will surely help, but it is definitely not the only way to get wealthy. And it is certainly not worth it - if it makes you busier and takes away your family time, peace and happiness

Increasing the income has the potential to increase your savings by the same proportion. If you increase your income by 30% in a year, you can potentially save and invest a large portion of that increase.
However, quite conversely, the facts show something else. It has been observed that an increase in income generally leads to a proportionate increase in expenses, rather than increase in savings or investments. While a higher income is desirable, there are two other smarter and efficient modes to get wealthier, and these are often overlooked for lack of our own appreciation of the impact these factors can have on our financial portfolio. 

(1) Reducing your expenses
Do not ever underestimate the power of managing and tracking your expenses. A penny saved is a dollar earned. Sounds old generation, but this wealth management principle is time tested and proven. You typically save only 20% of what you earn. So, if you can save Rs. 1000 extra in the next month, that is equivalent to an increase in Rs. 5000 income. Get your mindset right with savings.

(2) Increasing your returns on investments
This is all about getting innovative. As your wealth grows bigger, even a small % increase in your return on investments can have a much more significant impact on your wealth than a substantial increase in your income. 
Let us see this with a small example.
If you earn Rs.80,000 per month and have built a corpus of Rs. 2 Crores over the years, then a 2% increase in your return on investments on your corpus would mean an increase of returns by Rs. 4 Lacs per annum or approx Rs. 35,000 pm. If you compare this increase with your monthly income, this is almost equivalent to a 40%-50% jump in monthly income. 
Now, I tell you this. If you focus on increasing your income by 50%, it might take you 4-5 years, assuming you are one of the best performers and all other 'uncontrollable' factors fall in place. And I can tell you by my own experience that if you focus even a little bit on your asset allocation in the portfolio, learn a few fundamentals and making an attempt in implementing them - then you can increase your returns by 2% in less than one year. Is it worth the effort? You decide. Another important fact here is that in this case, you are letting money work for you, rather than you working for money - a time tested principle for financial freedom

So, open up your mind - spend adequate time in tracking and controlling your expenses and also on getting better returns on your portfolio.

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Manoj Arora
Freedom can buy you.... what money cannot !!Life's Mission | Fan Page | Official Website | LinkedIn | YouTube | Twitter

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Your wait is over - Now, grab your happiness online.

Now, Grab your happiness online !!

"Happiness Unlimited" - the book - is already creating flutters !! There are limited copies that have been made available online at Flip-kart, Amazon & U-Read. Grab it now !!

After the amazing journey from the rat race to financial freedom where we have already impacted thousands of lives positively, this one is even better.

This beautiful journey towards a happier life will open your mind, help you adopt simple practices in your daily life so that you can prevent the leakage of the most precious commodity that you strive for - your own happiness !!

Publishers are still trying to cope up with the sudden demand for this life transforming book. This book comes packed with knowledge, reasoning, inspiration, motivation, daily experiences of a common man and 24 Destiny Cards for your everyday practice.

Above all, it comes with a commitment from me - that you can connect with me, take an appointment, talk to me - till your life is elevated.

Come, let us elevate the society we live in.

Start with grabbing a copy from Flipkart or Amazon (for Indian readers) or URead(for international readers).

Then, connect with me, and we will walk this awesome journey together !!

Manoj Arora
Stay happy.... always !!
Life's Mission | Fan Page | Official Website | LinkedIn | YouTube | Twitter 

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Meet another freedom seeker : Mrs. Annapurna Sharma from Gurgaon

Last time, we met a beautiful and dynamic couple who are also managers in a global IT firm in California, USA : Amit and Prerna Rai who are already on the journey towards financial freedom now. The response to such posts has been overwhelming. You can read more about their journey and experience till now by clicking here.

In continuation with our effort to interlock you with some common men and women who have been seeking financial freedom, today, it is a chance to meet a young and dynamic lady - Mrs. Annapurna Sharma, a QA Associate with a global IT company in Gurgaon, India.

We have tried to mentor her to build a financial freedom plan of her life. This monthly track-able plan, once executed, has the potential to bring her and her family out of the rat race and allow her to chase the true dreams of her life. This plan can make her experience "true freedom" in life.

And as we all know "Freedom can buy you what money cannot !!"

So, lets meet Mrs. Annapurna Sharma to know who she is, what her dreams and goals are, why is she chasing financial freedom, and how has been her experience since she has set herself on this journey towards financial freedom. So, here we go, lets meet with our next freedom seeker : Mrs. Annapurna Sharma.

Annapurna is passionate about chasing her "lost" dreams. She wants to spend a lot of time with her family. She wants to re-kindle those dreams on which she had given up in life.

Life need not be an either-or. She has started this journey while being in a corporate job. She has kick started her journey towards financial freedom with a target of May 2024 to be free from rat race and start living the life of her dreams.

We will be together monitoring her journey. We will also tune her portfolio during the course of this journey, so that their journey stays on track. Our regular mentoring with Annapurna would include maximizing her returns from her existing investments, tuning the portfolio, tuning the plan depending on how life shapes up for her and her family.

We wish her all the best for her life and wish that she can go on to chase her true dreams and calling in life.

Annapurna is just one among all of you. She is no different, except the fact that she took a step to connect with us, was open to accept our advise, and then worked on that advise. She took the first step. She came out of their comfort zone and will surely be rewarded for the same in times to come.

Do you think it is wise to have a financial plan in place for your life, instead of randomly doing investments with no target in mind? 
Do you think life should be much more than just earning money?
Do you exactly know how much money you need to get financially free? 
Do you exactly know how much time you need to accumulate that kind of corpus which can fund your and your family's expenses for the rest of your life? 
Do you know how can you maximise your returns on your net worth?

If you have any of the above questions pondering in your mind, or you have any genuine financial query, or you have strong dreams on which you are yet to start working, do write to us at help@ratrace2freedom.com OR at help@manoj-arora.com and we will be happy to share our experiences with you, so that we can work together and plan your future better.

There are no charges, no constraints ... only freedom !!


Manoj Arora
Freedom can buy you....what money cannot !!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Solve this problem, given the situation.

Driving from home to office can be extremely frustrating. It can also be the best time of your day. It all depends on what you want to make out of it.
After having listened to unending stories of frustration, anger, helplessness and blaming others, I finally decided to intervene the discussion with my friends and asked them a very simple question.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Do you need a written plan to build wealth?

(A part of this article was published in 'Complete Well Being' magazine - July 2014 edition by the name - '5 Financial Fallacies we follow').
(You can read the complete article by clicking here.)

"OK, we have just signed a 1 year project with a new client." Rohit informed his team during the team meeting.

"Congratulations sir !!" and the team applauded the success.
Everyone clapped and basked in the glory of the moment.

"Now that we have got the project, the first thing I expect you to do is to give me a project plan." said Rohit pointing towards Abhishek - the team leader.

"Boss, of course. I mean we all know that. No project can be run successfully without a project plan. You will surely get it by the next week. You do not even need to tell us that we need a project plan to run a project." an embarrassed looking Abhishek informed his boss Rohit.

A project plan is so obvious when it comes to our professional life. Even in our personal lives, we tend to create a plan for most of the activities that we feel are important. 

  • You want to build a house? You need a plan. 
  • The government wants to construct a bridge? It needs a plan. 
  • You need to go on a long vacation? You need a plan. 
  • The country wants to send a space mission? It needs a plan. 
  • Your spouse wants to lose weight? He / she needs a diet plan. 
  • You want to be a professional sportsperson? You need a plan.

Not only we need a plan, we need it to be very clearly documented - so that it can be tracked against various tasks - and if we are deviating from what we planned, this measurement of deviation allows us to take appropriate corrective action.

But when it comes to our financial life, we tend to mostly take things for granted. We save without a planned target, we spend without a target, we invest without a plan, and we leave it to HIM to ensure that we will have good enough money by the time we retire. If not, we will adjust our lives as per the availability of the funds. What a tragic mistake not to plan your financial life, and not taking it seriously enough.

How much money do you want, by when do you want it and why do you want it? 

These are some of the questions that must be answered in a "written" format via a proper financial plan. If you are more of a thinker and intellect type, then my serious advice for you would be to "think on paper". Do not make the mistake of having the goals and targets in your head. Your head is not a database, rather it is a computing and decision making engine. Use it for the right purpose, to get the most out of it.

Nothing worthwhile in the world has ever been achieved without a concrete documented plan. Your plan should have your financial goals, monthly targets to achieve the goals, and a mechanism to track your actual portfolio against those targets. 

Always remember that if you are failing to plan, then you are planning for failure.

As a part of my mission of life, we offer free financial freedom planning support and coaching to anyone who is seriously interested in achieving financial freedom. You can write back to us at help@manoj-arora.com

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Manoj Arora
Freedom can buy you....what money cannot !!