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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Dare to Dream

John F Kennedy once said: "We need men who can dream of things that never were." 

I dared to dream.

- When everyone laughed at me being overweight as a teenager, i dared to dream to be the fittest around.

- When my school teachers and classmates made fun of me for failing in Class 9, i dared to dream to be a Gold medalist at my Engineering University.

- When the orthodox society i live in, told me that it is not a good practice to chose your own spouse, i dared to dream to marry my childhood friend and neighbor.

- When everyone laughed at my movement from Electrical Engg background to IT industry after serving a good 5 years in L&T, i dared to dream to be among the best in the IT industry.

- When all my friends said that it is difficult to earn enough money legally to live a comfortable life, i dared to dream to be a financially free person

- When everyone said that my English was not good enough, i dared to dream to author an English book.

I dare to dream..do you?

People will come and challenge you in every walk of life, at every stage of life. Welcome all of then with open arms, for they can give you the motivation to be the best.

Finally, it does not matter what they say, what matters is what you tell your mind. Your mind listens only to what you say. Your mind is your slave. Dare to Dream. Chase your dream. Dare to chart your own path. Open up your mind. Think big and bigger. Your mind is extremely powerful. Whatever you can dare to dream and believe, your mind can dare to achieve. The challenge to you is that how much you can convince your mind to truly believe.

The very act of getting motivation from the negative energy around you speaks volumes about the strength of your dreams. The stronger the dream, the more energy it can extract from the negativity around you. (Related post : The power of negative energy)

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. ~Les Brown

I know you have dreams. I know you wish to do certain things in life which have absolutely no correlation with what you are doing today. You have every reason in the world to continue doing what you are doing, to crib, to sympathize with your situation and to stay in your comfort zone. It is just that you do not have enough will power today to go out and tread your own path, to convince your mind that it is feasible.

Just stop sympathizing with yourself and your situation and start visualizing your dream. Do it every day morning, do it every day evening. The more you dream, the more you will convince your mind that it is possible. The more your mind is convinced, you will be surprised what all it can achieve.

Someone told me 10 years back, and i repeat this line every day in my heart
If your dream is big enough, facts do not count.

So, if the fact is that you are already late, or your situation is unique, or you are stuck, or you don't earn enough, or you have extraordinary responsibilities, or anything else, just make your dream bigger than these facts. You will find a way.

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. ~Henry Ford

I am not sure of re-births and re-incarnations, but if this happens to be your only life and you do not go on to chase what you dream of, then when will you?

Financial Freedom is one such milestone which once achieved, can help you chase your true dreams in life. It is not the end by itself. It is a means to achieve something extraordinary in life. It is up to you now to convince your mind to go and achieve financial freedom.

I can help you. The book (From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom) can help you. But first things first. First, you have to convince yourself that you want it, and want it badly enough. You have to make this dream big enough, rather than just being a wish.

- There are a lot of people around me who are now saying that your book may not do that well...and i am dreaming for it to be a bestseller.
- Many around me are saying that all this fine but your ultimate goals of planting trees and helping underprivileged children have already taken a back seat, and i am dreaming of planting 10 million trees and helping 1 million children to be self reliant in life.

People are questioning me even today, and i am using all the negative energy to make my dreams bigger.

Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire. ~Arnold H. Glasow

This is how life is, and this is how it will be, for most of the people will learn the art of questioning while a few will master the art of daring to dream.

I dare to dream...do you?


Manoj Arora


  1. Ya Manoj, whenever we are on a mission, or set a higher goal there are remarks, reviews, suggestions, direction and even warning comes to us, and if we are focused enough, having passion as our fuel - all - yes i mean - all - what is coming your way; good, bad,ugly - is a stepping stone towards achieving your ultimate goal - because you know from the depth of your heart that this is something which adds value to people life.

    I salute people like you who are following their passion, able to look beyond themselves and they are out their to make a positive difference in others life with their experience, knowledge and conviction to help.

    All the very best for your goals and ambitions - just hang on with right intentions and the whole world conspires for you to achieve it.


    1. Hi Mahesh,

      I believe in everything that you have written. Thanks for spending time to read the article and also for providing your comments.